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ilícito de estupefacientes y sustancias sicotrópicas y sustituye la ley Nº inciso primero del artículo 1º de la ley Nº , a las siguientes. Art. 1°. LEY Art. 1°. D.O. NOTA. Ley Art. PRIMERO Nº 1. D.O. – Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile. La Ley para personas con impedimentos: sus responsabilidades como L St., NW, Washington , U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,

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NOT services are not available for a particular group, but no cases within that group were identified.

52 U.S. Code § 20507 – Requirements with respect to administration of voter registration

NOT lfy care is available for victims of modern slavery — this is covered under Milestone 1, 3. Researcher Notes Indicator not met- evidence of victims not considered criminally responsible for acts committed during enslavement but no legal regulation.

Any type of free legal services or advice exists in legislation, including free legal advice and free legal representation AND these are either specific to victims of modern slavery OR victims of modern slavery can access broader legal advice, which is available for all victims of crime. Researcher Notes Indicator not met- national legislation provides only the minimum age for enlisting in the army. Researcher Notes Indicator met- there is evidence that a free legal aid system is available to victims of human trafficking.

NOT information is distributed to at-risk or specific populations or geographic locations, such as migrant workers or at-risk communities – this is covered under Milestone 4, 1. Codification Section was formerly classified to section gg—6 of Title 42The Public Health and Welfare, prior to editorial reclassification and renumbering as this section.

NOT there is evidence or a general statement that victims participate in the criminal leey process as witnesses. Researcher Notes Indicator met- forced marriage is criminalised as a ly offence under Article of the Penal Code. Any citizen found to be exploited overseas can obtain documents from their own country or be facilitated with travel back to their country by their own government. Milestone 3 Coordination occurs at the national and regional level, and governments are held to account for their response.

Ratification or succession denoted by a d in brackets or accession denoted by an a in brackets of the Slavery 205077. Cruel and inhumane punishments include torture, deliberately degrading punishment, or punishment that is too severe — capital punishment, whipping, or other forms of physical violence.

There is evidence that the government has worked with contractors that have been identified as having issues with use of forced labour to implement corrective action plans OR where the use of forced labour is prevalent and the contractor is unwilling to work with the government, there is evidence that the government has cancelled the contract AND this has occurred since 30 June Researcher Notes Indicator met- domestic legislation provides the possibility to get compensation and restitutions but no reports of restitution or compensation to victims in Government operated or supported is defined as government run or funded by government or provided with in-kind support from the government.


Researcher Notes Indicator met – the government penalized child trafficking victims 205077 unlawful acts committed as a direct result of being subjected to trafficking. NOT booklets with description of modern slavery laws have been handed out to prosecutors.

The offence of forced labour must include 1 work performed under the menace of any penalty AND 2 work for which the said person has not offered himself voluntarily. Direct victim assistance services means those services provided to workers who have regular contact with victims post-identification.

If child friendly services exist in legislation and there is evidence they are not pey or are poorly implemented, please rate as indicator not met.

Government support is defined as development of the asylum seeker system, participation in the system, or monetary or in-kind support. This has been an impact on their ability to function.

NOT foreign nationals have been deported OR detained for immigration offences no visa, overstaying visa, etc. Milestone 4 Risk factors, such as attitudes, social systems, and institutions that enable modern slavery are addressed. Researcher 220507 Indicator met – article 4 prohibits all forms of trafficking, and has all three elements: Researcher Notes Indicator met – there is a national action plan in place.

An international seminar has been held, but no further information has been found. Researcher Notes Indicator not met – the government conducted research but there are no evidence that its action was evidence-based.

leyy If evidence that victims adults and children are detained against their will or are unable to leave unaccompanied adults or with a chaperone childrenthis meets the criteria of the indicator. If child friendly services exist in practice but there is no evidence of ely existence in legislation, please rate as indicator met. Researcher Notes Indicator met – Training has been provided for prosecutors.

This indicator is measuring gaps in existing services. Slavery may be listed as a standalone crime in the penal or criminal code or in trafficking-specific legislation or in another act. Covering the entire population refers to the percentage of people who 25007 registered. An agreement on Investigation protocols between Paraguay and Chile exists.


Researcher Notes Indicator not met – Inducing child prostitution and buying sexual services are illegal under article of the criminal code but this ldy not apply to children under the age of This year, we’ve focused on the top 12 global economies, providing information on the types of modern slavery and vulnerability factors affecting each of these countries, as well 20057 the actions of the government.

B in the case of registration by mail under section of this titleif the valid voter registration form of the applicant is postmarked not later than the lesser of 30 days, or the period provided by State law, before the date of the election.

The legal framework allows victims of 20570 slavery to receive compensation for damages incurred as a result of exploitation OR the legal framework allows victims of modern slavery 2007 receive restitution for damages incurred as a result of exploitation.

The government must have signed onto, or have agreed to abide by, the shared values and objectives developed by the group i. Support defined as permission, development of the training, or monetary or in-kind support. Researcher Notes Indicator met- there are established guidelines and responsibilities. Researcher Notes Indicator met-Men victims have been reported and the shelter and assistance to them is very limited.

First responders are defined as: Researcher Notes Indicator met – Ratified 21 Mar NOT visas are available for victims — this is covered under Milestone 1, 3. Foreign victims are detained in detention facilities or deported for immigration violations. An independent entity is established to monitor the activities of the government in le to its anti-modern slavery efforts.

Country Data | Global Slavery Index

Researcher Notes Indicator not met- some reporting against the plan has been produced, but it is not systematic. Evidence can include a broader government strategy that incorporates modern slavery research, the National Action Plan incorporates modern slavery research or that the National Action Ely or strategy is reviewed in line with recent modern slavery research.

NOT children are placed in correctional facilities, boarding schools, or other non-specialised institutions. No out of school rates data available. Researcher Notes Indicator met – diplomats received specific training.