As an American journalist in Japan, Jake Adelstein uncovered a Excerpt: ‘ Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan’. is a colleague’s review of a new book on the subject, “Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan”, by Jake Adelstein. Tokyo Vice is the story of Jake Adelstein, the only American journalist ever to have been admitted to the insular Tokyo Metropolitan Police press club: a unique .

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Useful reading for anyone interested in Japan particularly its seamier side. I really like it. It sounds like you have a good heart and will make an excellent jwke.

Well, it seems expensive but I hop it was worth it.

Thanks to [Adelstein’s] immersive reporting, readers suffer with him through the choice between personal safety and a chance to confront the evil inhabiting his city. I would later know him as Endo-san of the human resources department, and he would die of complications from throat cancer a few years later. Read more Read less.

We are now viec many calls from teenage girls who are being blackmailed or coerced into prostitution. Unfortunately, He’s not an interesting enough person to be the center of a book and not skilled enough a writer to make the world around him interesting.

In one sense it is being threatened because investigative journalism is rarely a solo project. Good luck to you as well and thank you for reading. The Sankei Shinbunwhich was then probably the fourth largest paper, was considered to be the voice of the extreme right; some said adelsten had about as much credibility as a supermarket tabloid.


Japan has more than its share of news media, which are also more vital than in the United States. Hi Jake, I am currently backpacking on my own through Japan and happened to snag your book while on the road.

Aside from the fascinating progression of your career leading to the outing of Goto Tadamasa, there is one chapter that gets me every time: Punch, punch, punch, never come back here again. I never found her. All the best, Rob. The actual exam, or “military drill,” as it was called, was scheduled for three days later, at the Yomiuri Vocational School of Engineering, located in the suburbs of Tokyo. Your book was published in and now 2 years later I wonder if you know if this has changed at all.

Would we all have made the same judgements as Adelstein? In a country where appearances count, I needed to look respectable. I read the newspaper religiously.

I’ve been working with Polaristhe Japanese branch of a project in Washington, D. I don’t know why the fates had been so kind, but I thought I should cover all the bases.

However much work it took, I did learn something of the yakuza and Japanese life and so I gave it 2 stars. And I was glad I did. Kyodo, the wire service, which is the Associated Press of Japan, was harder to figure out.

Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstein | : Books

He went to work as an investigative reporter in Tokyo. Oct 13, Pages. Don’t have a Kindle? Frankly, Adelstein comes off like a lot of foreigners you could run into living overseas: He discusses two quite famous cases- the Dog Lover murders in Saitama prefecture, and the disappearance of Lucie Blackman- and the complex dance between reporters and cops tokho obtain and publicize or not leads in open cases.


Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Thank you so much! He should have, because it lends even more authenticity to his Japan today is a lot different from what the author portrays it as.

These guys donate fingers when they fuck something up.

I know what the first-year salary is like. Oh and it was kinda Catch 22 too, but don’t ask Our Man to explain that right now he’s feeling a little worse adelsteij wear and tear.

An American In Japan, Investigating The ‘Tokyo Vice’

Human life has always meant more to me than a scoop or information. I’m very comfortable there. After a number of queries, one of them asked me the following question, with great seriousness.

Inthat also meant that all those who had followed the popular styles and dyed their hair brown or red had dyed it black again. You, Helena, Alien Cop, Sekiguchi-san, etc. Still, Adelstein is a good recounted of anecdotes, self deprecating in a self satisfied wayand can be very funny.

I put my backpack on the table with a clunk and sat down.