In the City by the Sea Kamila Shamsie’s debut novel is now the same age as her first protagonist, year-old Hasan, the only child of a lauded. Editorial Reviews. Review. ‘Lively, playful, provocative’ Anita Desai ‘A touching and engrossing In the City by the Sea – Kindle edition by Kamila Shamsie. Kamila Shamsie’s debut novel In the City by the Sea published in and eloquent, charming and quietly political novel is set in an unnamed city in Pakistan.

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The delighted flyer shqmsie his shamsiee dancing speck rather than his own footing, and plummets to his tragic death. The story of In The City By The Sea revolves around eleven years old Hasanwho is living in a country which is under the dictatorial military rule.

Earlier this year, I ended up reading Burnt Shadows by Shamsie which is said to be her best book till date. This also explains why Shamsie is intentionally vague with the time and setting.

In the City by the Sea by Kamila Shamsie | BookDragon

Up on his roof one afternoon, enjoying his favorite pomegranate, Hasan cheers with great excitement as the sea breezes catch the yellow kite of another young boy a few rooftops away. Feb 03, Samia rated it it was amazing. Sez you and your friend can read the same book, but you cannot read it together.

But even with these single-traited characters, she tried to explore them in different ways which were beautiful; they were single-traited, but not one-dimensional. Zehra, the year-old neighbour daughter of Uncle Latif who acts as a guiding hand whenever Hasan is troubled.


The clunky prose and the disjointed narrative don’t kkamila either. Jan 27, Neeti Bharatan rated it did not like it. Her characters both haunt and delight.

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. He is an adored only child, who completes the circle of love at home, where he lives with his vibrant, artistic mother whom he refers to as Ami and his intelligent word-loving father, Aba. In The City By The Sea by Kamila Shamsie is one such book thee revolves around Pakistani politics but under huge influence of an year-old’s imagination.

Another beautifully written novel by Kamila Shamsie. I have read and enjoyed other books by this author. These occurred two-three times in the book where Shehryar father while talking to Hasan got into the philosophical mode, trying to explain the situation to his son, which ended up Hasan asking kamipa father to tone it down because he was talking to an eleven-year-old child and he understood none of them.

But even though this is one of her weaker works, it still retains a certain charm, and most of this is due to the fact that Shamsie knows how to write really well. And in this book, the odds are the imprisonment of a loved uncle. Filed Under Kaila 1, Besides his adoration of his parents, Hasan also adores his maternal uncle, Salman Mamoo, who is a politician under house-arrest.

Hasan is an ordinary 11 year boy who loves cricket, has an active imagination and is part of a close and supportive family. The contrast between his childlike imagination and mature conversations makes it hard to place Hasan down into his age group.

It borders the story of his life where his maternal Uncle, Salman Mammoo, is under house arrest for the act of treason. Her later books, like the brilliant novel Burnt Shadowsshow her restraint, her expertise.


In the City by the Sea

View all 8 comments. Title gives you feel that it will be something about the thee and people in it which as not the case. In forty days, a trial will commence, which may result in a death sentence. Read more to find out. K rated it liked it.

The problem is that while reading, both the events jump back and forth, which may leave a reader confused and frustrated at times. So basically, even though there is comfort in our share experiences, we clearly are progressing nowhere fast.

I don’t know who it was, but I know someone was. Soon after, Hasan’s idyllic, sheltered family life is shattered when his beloved uncle Salman, a dissenting politician, is arrested and charged with treason Want to Read saving….

Book Review: In The City By The Sea – Shabd Studio

This is my first introduction to Shamsie’s work, which is highly acclaimed in England where she resides, and elsewhere. Another thing which made me restless while reading the book was Hasan’s age group that has been defined in the story. The story was a little too all over the place, and the neither the plot nor the characters really drew me into the tye.

This one is her debut, but is just as good. Aug dea, Parsa Tamkinat rated it liked it. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.