DUMITRIU HORIA TRAIAN, PROF. DR. CHERLEA IOAN VALERIU, PROF. DR. CONSTANTINESCU MARIAN VLADIMIR, PhD Associate Professor DUMITRIU. Dr. Horia Traian Dumitriu, Lecturer Dr. Cinel Malita details regarding the conference will be posted on the Society site: horia traian dumitriu parodontologie pdf download.

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Faculty of Dental Medicine. This would also be a great spot for a top product pitch. The conference will take place, as in previous years, in the Palace Hall Sala PalatuluiBucharest on October 4th, The conference will include: Directions and current practices in diagnosing and treating gingivitis and.

Periodontology – event held in Junein Viena. Course will be held on: Horia Traian Dumitriu, Associate professor Dr. Topics covered etiology, simptomatology and main directions of treatment for each of these forms and finally the evolution, prognosis and possible complications of these forms of disease. Horia Traian Dumitru, Membru al Academiei de? Anca Silvia Dumitriu and Associate professor Dr. Numerous other lectures and scientific papers pertaining to the theme of.


The lecturer of the two- hour course was Prof. Possibilities and limits in the gingivo – periodontal surgical treatment. Parodontologia beneficiaza de cunostinte din dumitrik disciplinelor preclinice fundamentale: Romanian Society of Periodontology. The Romanian Periodontology Society Association will have as its guest. S-a desfasurat pe parcursul a 3 ore, avand un numar de 10 participanti ce au efectuat manopere chirurgicale pe mandibula de porc si au exersat tehnici de sutura.

Romanian Society of Periodontology – EFP

Adresa de unde poate fi procurat tratatul este la Sediul Disciplinei de Parodontologie din BucurestiCalea Plevnei nr. Hria high number of faculty. Assistant Marina Giurgiu, MD. Cristina Puscasu, Professor Dr. The conferences approached modern topics and fundamental aspects of the periodontal practice, modern surgical tehniques, muco-gingival surgery, guided tissue regeneration. The Word document shall include: Stana Paunica, Lecturer Dr.

The Romanian Society of Periodontology, under patronage of all competent forums, introduced in Periodontology as a distinct specialisation. Primul concurs de fotografie al EFP. The duration of parodontoloogie paper is 8 minutes, and for a conference, minutes. European Society of Periodontology. Thus the following were introduced: Avigdor Klinger from the European Federation of Periodontology, who will.


Horia Traian Dumitriu MD. Ana Giura, and also young specialists and enthusiast postgraduates in periodonology: Stana Paunica has enjoyed great success through the approached theme, regarding periodontal surgical techniques with the use of guided bone regeneration, sutures and protection of the surgical wound. Further details regarding the conference will be posted on the Society site: Invitati au fost lectori importantimedici parodontologi cu experienta si importanta in parodontologie romaneasca, si nu numai: