Eye of Vecna Type Accessory General Name Shriveled Pebble Lore to Identify 99 Effects Doubles all 1st & 2nd level mage spells +35% resistance to magic +4. Hitting 40k means we can all take a gander at the Hand of Vecna, the Eye of Vecna, and the Dragon Orb! We’re just one step away from. Eye and Hand of Vecna. (update). Wondrous Item, Artifact, (requires attunement). Attunement: Yes. Worn in Slot: no slot required. Source: PHB. Description.

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Other Vecnan organizations are known to exist outside of the mainstream cult, and some may have similar or identical names. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: In this adventure, Vecna was given the rank of a lesser god.

Pool of Radiance series. Eey Spawn of Vecna are the lowest in the cult hierarchy, and consist of the common people who honor the Lich Lord. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich.

The Fourth 5E DMG Preview Unlocked : Eye and Hand of Vecna, and Dragon Orb

In 2nd and 3rd Edition, his greatest, and perhaps only true ally is the mysterious entity known as the Serpent. It is said that the Hand can be destroyed by carrying it to the Positive Material Plane by one who has never experienced fear and manually crushing it into powder [2]willingly fixing it to the purest person in the Free City of Greyhawkfixing it to most corrupt person in the Free City of Greyhawk [2]or severing it with a sword of a dead god [3].

Once the left eye of the arch- lichVecnathe Eye, and its sister artifact, the Hand of Vecnawere all that remained of the lich-king after his battle with his renegade lieutenant, Kas the Bloody-Handed. Dungeon Masters Guide Wizards of the Coast Originally from the World of Greyhawk campaign settingVecna was described as a powerful wizard who became a lich.


In the Book of Artifactswhich details both artifacts, the Hand is described as a claw-like left hand, while the Eye resembles a red clot which transforms into a golden slitted eye, reminiscent of its feline glow described in earlier editions. This information was further developed in ‘s Book of Artifacts.

Hand and Eye of Vecna

Additional abilities become evident if the PC also possesses the Hand of Vecna. By means of various hand gestures, its user can cast a variety of deadly arcane spells. The Hand and Eye of Vecna have appeared several times over the centuries, and the powers they see fit to grant each bearer vary considerably.

In both, he is listed as the god of evil secrets. When satisfied with the host, it increases the skill bonus and grants the power to unleash a beam of necrotic energy from the eye, while a pleased eye grants an even greater skill bonus and the power to see into the souls of those around the host via an aura of clear sight.

Between and CY, he also acquired the Eye of Vecna, perhaps only the third or fourth person ever to do so. It disappeared after the clan’s leader Paddin the Vain was overthrown.

In 4th edition, the Open Grave book shows the leader of the cult of Vecna is a lich named Mauthereign. Mordicai Knode of Tor.

Possessing both artifacts now grants several great powers, including magic resistance and the permanent ability to Detect Magic. It is usually described as a left hand, with long, claw-like nails. Even when Osterneth, the Bronze Lich, is Vecna’s mightiest servant, her position is not revealed among his files.

The clerics unleashed a great burst of light, which hit Vecna primarily on his left side. Vecns Hand grants 19 Strength, immunity to Magic Missileinstant death touch and various powers chosen randomly by DMwhile the Eye now grants True Seeing and various minor abilities.

The Eye grants its user superior sight, including the ability to see through illusions, see through solid objects, see in complete darkness, and even see their own future.

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The characters involved in the story reasoned that they needed to decapitate themselves to gain the powers of the Head of Vecna, and several members of the group actually fought over which character would wye to have his head cut off and replaced.

Eye of Vecna | Torment Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Hand of Vecna is a withered, blackened, mummified human hand. In the events of the Living Greyhawk campaign setting, Vecna’s machinations allowed him to reappear on the prime material plane and retake his place in the Oerth pantheon. Relations between these groups and the mainstream cult may vary.

They reward the user for betraying a close friend, but penalize them for slaying undead. Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting 5E “. The Eye grants its wearer darkvisionimproved knowledge of magic and superior insight.

The Hand and Eye of Vecna | Istria Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

For the American software and robotics company, see Vecna Technologies. In the 4th edition, the Eye grants a number of powers based on how pleased it is with its vcna. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Similarly, depending on edition and source, its appearance has varied, from a short sword to a wavy bladed two hander. Once attached, they cannot be removed without killing the wearer. Possessing both artifacts corrupts the wielder to an even greater extent.

Retrieved June 12, The user begins to act like Vecna and even believe that they are him. The adventure module Die Vecna Die!