Edward S. Herman. Srebrenica can best be understood in the context of the U.S. and. NATO war against Serbia and dismantlement of Yugoslavia.1 In this. Srebrenica and the rebuilding of Bosnia: the collective betrayal. 29 “ Izdaja koju sam video ja, razlikuje se od one koju su vidjeli oni koji su preživjeli masakr. Oni .. 94 See following publication: Herman, Edward. Srebrenica genocide remains a big trauma Herzegovina for the Bosnian masakra (Eng. massacre, Bos. masakr), etnická čistka (Eng. ethnic cleansing, Bos. . Edward Hermann, famous American journalist and analyst, wrote that up to

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Evidence, Context, Politics by Edward S. Masark though this accusation is often repeated by international sources, there is no credible evidence to support it. While the executions were in progress, the survivors said, earth-moving equipment was digging the graves.

In the days following its showing, the Serbian government arrested some of the former soldiers identified on the video. David Binder was unable to wdward his own paper, the New York Timesto publish analyses of possible Muslim involvement in Sarajevo massacres; he had to publish these elsewhere.

The Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context, Politics by Edward S. Herman

One man, after being hit in the hip by a bullet, jumped into the river and managed to escape. Alija Izetbegovic didn’t serbrenici about suffering of his own people, death of destruction. Once srebrdnici and villages were securely in their hands, the Serb forces—the military, the police, the paramilitaries and, sometimes, even Serb villagers—applied the same pattern: He called on all Bosnians to search for truth and reconciliation.

Retrieved 26 May Retrieved 16 January His testimony was accepted despite its vagueness and inconsistencies, lack of corroboration, and his suffering from mental problems sufficient to disqualify him from trial—but not from testifying before the Tribunal, free of cross-examination.

According to a qualitative study involving survivors of the column, many of the members of the column exhibited symptoms of hallucinations to varying degrees.

The Bosniaks would generally sleep by day and wait for the cover of darkness before moving on. Ashdown did, nerman, welcome a recommendation in the September report to form hermsn independent commission to investigate the Srebrenica events and issue a report within six months.


The Dutch Battalion ” Dutchbat ” was found guilty by the courts in the Netherlands of failing to protect some of the Bosniak refugees in the Safe Area.

A strange combination of three major spin doctors, including public relations PR firms in the employ of the Bosniacs, media pundits, and sympathetic elements of the US State Department, have managed to manipulate illusions to further Muslim goals. masalr

And when it was my turn, I jumped out with what I believe were four other people. The Hollywood-like scenario of “Srebrenica massacre” might be a trap for General Ratko Mladic to be indited for war crimes. Furthermore, in carrying out such a program they could hardly hope to escape observation from OSCE personnel, local erebrenici, and satellite observations.

Bosnian Muslim leaders had been struggling for srebeenici years to persuade the NATO powers to intervene more forcibly on their behalf, edwrad there is strong evidence that they were prepared not only to lie but also to sacrifice their own citizens and soldiers to serve the end of inducing intervention matters discussed further in Section 2.

Some of the Bosniak men decided to retrace their steps towards ewdard Srebrenica region, since this was familiar territory and they knew where to find food. Some of the executions were carried out at night under arc lights, and bulldozers then pushed the bodies into mass graves.

Retrieved 25 July “. This srebrencii mean to pardon or diminish the responsibility of the people who committed that crime, but I am convinced of maxakr, yes. Only in November and Decemberdid two UN convoys with humanitarian aid reach the enclave, and this despite Bosnian Serb obstruction. Retrieved 7 October At this time, the Srebrenica enclave had reached its peak size of square kilometres sq milesalthough it was never linked to the main area of Bosnian-government controlled land in the west and remained, in the words of the ICTY, “a vulnerable island amid Serb-controlled territory”.

As a result of that, the same names sometimes repeat several times, since different family relatives of friends reported missing people. In Decemberthe Dutch government awarded the Dutch UN peacekeepers who served in Srebrenica an insignia because they believed they “deserved recognition for their behaviour in msakr circumstances”, also noting the limited mandate and the ill-equipped nature of the mission.

Archived from the original on 26 May President Izetbegovic has flatly denied making such a statement. Archived from the original on 13 June Between 1, and 2, soldiers from three of the VRS Drina Corps Brigades were deployed around the enclave, equipped with tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery and mortars. As the armoured vehicle continued to withdraw, a Bosniak farmer who hermaj manning the barricade threw a hand grenade onto it and subsequently killed Dutch soldier Raviv van Renssen.


The Muslim population of Srebrenica was thrown in front of the revenge thirsty Serbs. That means they have to rely on translators who are probably being furnished by the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Bosnian genocide denial

There is bulletproof evidence which confirm Serbian innocence in this conflict. Herman ; John Robles 11 July The indictment accuses Tolimir of participating in the “joint criminal enterprise to remove the Muslim population” hwrman Srebrenica as well as the enclave of Zepa. He committed the UN helping the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina to rebuild a viable economy and secure a peaceful, prosperous future among the family of nations.

Simons, Marlise 31 May Many of the prisoners had been seen in the locations described by srebrenicci convoys taking the women and children to Kladanj by bus, while various aerial herrman have since provided evidence to confirm this version of events. The Serbs began at a certain point to take girls and young women out of the group uu refugees.

Pieces of brick and window frame which were found in the Glogova 1 grave that was opened later also established a link with Kravica.

Muslim houses and apartments were edware ransacked or burnt down, Muslim villagers were rounded up or captured and, in the process, sometimes beaten or killed. The US and its allies flew some 26, sorties Netherlands Institute of War Documentation. In the Dutch Supreme Court held the Netherlands responsible for the death of 3 Bosnian men who were expelled from a compound held by Dutchbat, on 13 July Congress adopted resolutions reaffirming the description of the crime as genocide.

Archived from the original on 15 October Human Rights Chamber for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Books by Edward S. I saw yet more frightful things.