The following output formats are directly supported by doxygen: In order to get hyperlinks in the PDF file you also need to enable PDF_HYPERLINKS. Dear doxygen Users,. For the doxygen documentation, I have a html Mainpage. dox file. If a source code file name is written in it, hyperlinks to. Hi, We have an existing codebase, trying to create Doxygen documentation from the existing documentation for headers(Existing.

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For both styles the link definition starts with the link text delimited by [square brackets].

How to add links to an existing pdf as hyperlink in class documentation.

The link title itself is surrounded by quotes. Standard Markdown Paragraphs Even before doxygen had Markdown support it supported the same way of paragraph handling as Markdown: To put voxygen another way, a single vertical bar indicates a single column span, two vertical bars indicates a 2 columns span, and so on.

In most cases this difference does not result in different output. If the label is called index or mainpage doxygen will put the documentation on the front page index. Here is text for one paragraph. See section Code Spans Limits for more info how doxygen handles code spans slightly different than hyperlnk Markdown.


how to create hyperlinks to class definitions from Mainpage.dox?

While Markdown’s syntax has been influenced by several existing text-to-HTML filters, the single biggest source of inspiration for Markdown’s syntax is the format of plain text email. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. When doxygen parses the source code hypeelink first extracts the comments blocks, then passes these through the Markdown preprocessor. Table columns are separated by the pipe character.

Doxygen Manual: Markdown support

It will then print each comment block before and after Markdown processing. When it is set to a higher value spaces will be present in the code block. Column spans are supported by means of directly adjacent vertical bars ” “. Of the features defined by “Markdown Extra” is support for simple tables:. The only difference is an additional! Right Center Left This is a paragraph introducing: Go to the next section or hyperlinl to the index.

Even before doxygen had Markdown support it supported the same way of paragraph handling as Markdown: The reader is referred to the Markdown site for more details.

doxygen – Weblink in documentation – Stack Overflow

You have several options: Doxygen however requires that the numbers used as marks are in strictly ascending order, so the above example would produce 3 lists with one item. Here is an example: With Markdown two lists doxygem by an empty line are joined together into a single list which can be rather unexpected and many people consider it to be a bug. Using two stars or underscores will produce strong emphasis.


Once defined, the link looks as follows [link text][link name] If the link text and name are the same, also [link name][] or even [link name] can be used to refer to the link.

Each file is converted to doxyben page see the page command for details. For examplei am looking for something similar to this: Fluffy 72 3 Horizontal Rulers A horizontal ruler will be produced for lines containing at least three or more hyphens, asterisks, or underscores.

Since doxygen comments can appear at any indentation level that is required by the programming language, it uses a relative indentation instead. Same can also be used in combination with e.

For highlighting according to the Python language for instance, you would need to write the following:. Sequences of carets hyperlinj be used for any number of row spans.

Doxygen does not have this requirement, and will also process Markdown formatting inside such HTML blocks.