Have His Carcase has ratings and reviews. Jaline said: Elizabeth George wrote an introduction to this novel upon its reissue in and I fou. Do you have books you reach for when you’re feeling low, books you just know will cheer you up? For me, Have His Carcase is a sure thing. Have His Carcase (Lord Peter Wimsey) [Dorothy L. Sayers] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “The Wimsey books are literate and delightful.

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To be tried for murder is a fairly good advertisement for a writer of detective fiction. Superintendent Glaisher was conveniently engaged, and Sergeant Saunders was deputed to show them the razor. Single, married, widowed, divorced, one came to the same end. It was difficult, because carcaae wore—very unexpectedly—a short, dark beard, trimmed to a neat point. Dago being a favorite and meaning more than just being French or dark Mediterranean or Italian but beyond that “foreign” – only in capital letters.

Paul had to run errands and sell newspapers. His soft hat was pulled down rather low over his eyes, which were further cafcase by a pair of dark spectacles. Yes—but there was one criterion she could apply.

My dear Harriet, I think you are right. This probably wins my vote for the most unlikely murder plot ever concocted, though good old Lord Peter does his best to justify it all by admiring their triple-strong lines of defence and alibi. He says the girls there were kind to him, but of course, he never talked much about that time. But it might be going out, you know, mightn’t it? You’ll find somebody there. Later, when dogothy knew someone was approaching — Mr. She did not want to wake the sleeper and be beguiled into conversation.

Well, that’s a fact. I much prefer the stories where we’ve gotten past this stage of “no I won’t saysrs you but I will be disgruntled if you stop asking me to marry you – you who have pressed your suit so consistently despite being well aware of my need to not have romance just now”.


Anybody who married Lord Peter would be rich, of course. He must have had an accident.

Have His Carcase by Dorothy L. Sayers, a Distributed Proofreaders Canada eBook.

On Disc at Amazon. Have His Carcase, whilst not specifying the year, started on Thurday 18th June. Of course, the expresses don’t stop here, only the locals, and they only stops twice a day, except market days.

There ain’t a deal of traffic along this road, and they keeps the cattle from straying on to the line. I love the way Ian Carmichael plays Peter’s feelings for Harriet. You’re a bit late letting us know, aren’t you? In fact, though we got engaged in February, he suggested putting the wedding off till June. The instrumentalists tweaked a string and tightened a peg here and there and rearranged their music, under cover of perfunctory applause.

Harriet, escaping half an hace later from Salcombe Hardy and his colleagues, found Wimsey faithfully in attendance.

Have His Carcase: Episode Four

However, two things got in the way: He succeeded in getting her to live in sin by badgering her constantly, until she was finally so worn down by it she went against her own principles. Carey at the Red Farm, he was on the telephone. Keep your head, my girl. Sayerrs were inhabited by an aged crone, two youngish women and some small children, but the men were all out fishing.

I said I knew nothing about it and that Miss Vane was unhappily not mine—yet. You might get hold of some gossip about Paul Alexis. I’ve so often thought that if I could have painted pictures or ridden a motor-cycle or something, I should have got more out of life.

Of course, this is an awful plan and depends on too many unlikely successes guaranteeing a witness at the beach before the body goes into rigor; making the horse hold still while bleeding on the body, which seems impossible; getting away before the witness arrivesbut it was odrothy theory and none of the characters considered it! Harriet eagerly asked where she could get hold of a car or a telephone. While still undecided, she arrived at the turn.


Have His Carcase

It’s still an extremely clever and enjoyable mystery about how fact and fiction sometimes affect each other. There is no more powerful lure to slumber than hot carcaze on a sea-beach after lunch; nor hqve the pace of Tristram Shandy so swift as to keep the faculties working at high pressure. And so the scene is set for a murder. She extracted the camera from her pack, and took three snapshots of the rock and the body from different viewpoints.

She thought she had better, while she was about it, spare time to make sure that the footprints belonged to the body. Perhaps she ought to have followed the shore and not the coast-road. She talks about Dorothy L. He was temperamental, of course, but he was radiantly happy with me. Edit Did You Know? Having waded through Five Red HerringsI now feel like I’m on the downhill slope of carxase reading marathon.

After about a mile, she was delighted by the sight of a fellow-traveller; a girl of about seventeen, carcasf a couple of cows. Share this Havee Title: Greely—the manager, that is—knows me very well. He must have gone off while I was ringing you up. Better shoulders than I realized, and, thank Heaven, calves to his legs.

I know he didn’t. That would narrow the time down still further. Were men really stupid enough to believe that the good old days of submissive womanhood could be brought back by milliners’ fashions?