Author: C. W. Leadbeater; Category: Spiritual; Length: Pages; Year: The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics. The Devachanic plane: its characteristics and inhabitants. by Leadbeater, C. W. ( Charles Webster), Publication date

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Along these lines only is conscious communication possible between devachsnic still imprisoned in the physical body and those who have passed into this celestial realm. Two factors have to be taken into account in our consideration of this subject — the degree of development of each of the persons concerned. Concentration and Meditation by Swami Paramananda.

Thus is justified the grand old description of the heaven-world as the place “where the wicked cease from troubling, lpane the weary are at rest. But the student who has succeeded in developing the powers latent within himself so far as to enable him to use the sense belonging to this mental plane while he is still in [page 29] the physical body, has before him a field of historical research of most entrancing interest.

It must be understood that the keen affection which alone brings one man into the heaven-life of another is a very powerful force upon these higher planes — a force which reaches up to the soul of the man who is loved, and evokes a response from it. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat This mental plane itself is a reflection of the Divine Mind — a storehouse of infinite extent from which the person enjoying heaven is able to draw just according to the power of his own thoughts and aspirations generated during the physical and astral life.

In addition to all devavhanic activities they have a great field of work lpane connection with those whom we call the dead, but this will be more fitly explained under a later heading.

The sleeper remained in that condition for several hours, though apparently entirely unconscious of the passage of time, and at last awoke with a sense of deep peace and inward joy for which, since she had brought back no recollection of what had happened, she was quite unable to account.

Theosophy : Devachanic Plane by C.W. Leadbeater : :

This would of course be the case whoever the deity or leader might be, leadheater followers of Buddha, Krishna, Ormuzd, Allah, and Christ would all equally attain their need of celestial bliss — its length peadbeater quality plan upon the intensity and purity of the feeling, and not in the least upon its object, though this latter consideration would undoubtedly affect the possibility of receiving instruction during that higher life.

Some detail of all this we must endeavour to make clear later on; the point to be emphasized for the moment is that this radiant sense, not only of the welcome absence of all evil and discord, but of the insistent, overwhelming presence of universal joy, is the first and most striking sensation experienced by him who enters upon the heaven-world. Its function is to enable the man to respond to certain vibrations — not to shut him off from the others.


A striking characteristic of this sub-plane for the last few centuries has been the very large number of Romans, Carthaginians, and Englishmen to be found there — this being due to the fact that among men of these nations the principal unselfish activity found its outlet through family affection, while comparatively few Hindus and Buddhists are here, since in their case real religious feeling usually enters more immediately into their daily lives, and consequently takes them to a higher level.

It is so wonderful, so beautiful, so far beyond what any man has dreamt of or prayed for, and it is for ever and for ever.

Her rooms were as poor, xevachanic, as any in the court, but at least they were cleaner and neater than the others. When it is said that family affection is the characteristic [page 43] of the seventh sub-plane, it must not therefore be supposed for a moment that love is confined to this plane, but rather that the man who will find himself here after death is one in whose character this affection was the highest quality— the only devqchanic, in fact, which entitled him to the heaven-life at all.

The Devachanic plane : its characteristics and inhabitants

Written by servants of the Masters who are the Elder Brothers of our race, they can have no other object than to serve our fellow-men. In both these cases, as in all, the law of eternal justice discriminates unerringly; and just as the momentary flash of nobler feeling in the less developed heart will surely receive its need in the heaven-world, even though there be naught else in the life to raise the soul above the astral plane, so the baser thought which erstwhile dimmed the holy radiance of a real love will work out its force in the astral plame, interfering not at all with the magnificent celestial life which flows infallibly from years of deep affection here below.

In comparison, the mental realm is associated with thought. In the causal body, when very highly developed, this achievement is possible, though even then by no means with the ease and rapidity with which it can be done upon the buddhic plane by those who have succeeded in raising their consciousness to that level.

But in order to take full advantage leqdbeater that opportunity it is necessary that that soul should himself be very fairly advanced in evolution. In all these cases it was the touch of unselfish affection which gave them their heaven; indeed, apart from that, there was nothing in the activity of poane personal lives which could have expressed itself on that plane.

Unfortunately there are practically insuperable difficulties in the way of any attempt to put the facts of this third plane of nature into language — and not unnaturally, for we often find words insufficient to express our ideas and feelings even on this lowest plane. This expanding sphere of vibrations was many coloured and opalescent, but its colours also grew gradually fainter and fainter as it spread away.

The final Heaven where souls at the fourth level of initiation those souls who have become arhats and no longer need to reincarnate is called Nirvana. Men sometimes ask whether on this mental plane there is any consciousness of time — any alternation of night and day, of sleeping and leadbearer. The result was very remarkable: In appearance the friend would seem much as he did in earth-life, yet somehow strangely devachanlc.


Devachan – Wikipedia

So that to pass, from one plane to another is to change the focus of the consciousness from one of the vehicles to another, to use for the time the [page 3] astral or, the mental body instead of the physical. His life had been such as to develop a much greater amount of consciousness in the soul than his brother’s, and consequently this higher self was able to vitalize much more fully that image of his youthful days which his mother had formed in her heaven-life.

Buddhism Naraka Deva Buddhism. Primitive man, for example, has comparatively little consciousness on any plane but the physical during life, and the lower astral after death; and indeed the same may leadbeateer said of the quite undeveloped man even in our own day.

The Devachanic Plane

If he thinks of a place, he is there; if of a friend, that friend is before him. For the very qualities which a man must develop during life, if he is to have any existence in the heaven-world after death, are just those which all the best and noblest of our race have agreed in considering as really and permanently desirable.

There are several sets of these, clearly distinguishable from one another by volume, by period of vibration, and by the tone of the harmony which they bring, and grander than them all sweeps one great wave which seems the very heartbeat of the system — a wave which, welling up from unknown centres on far higher planes, pours out its life through all our world, and then draws back in its tremendous tide to That from which it came.

For these were undeveloped souls — entities of a very backward class — who had never yet in any of their births set in motion the spiritual forces which alone could give them conscious existence on the mental plane; but now for the first time not only had an ideal towards which they could strive been put before them, but also really unselfish love had been evoked in them by her action, and the very fact of having so strong a feeling as this had raised them and given them more individuality, and so after their stay in the astral plane was ended they gained their first experience of the lowest subdivision of the heaven-world.

For instance, an Irish peasant was seen absorbed in the deepest adoration of the Virgin Mary, whom he imaged as standing on the moon after the fashion of Titian’s ” Assumption,” but holding out her hands and speaking to him. We see, therefore, that there are two reasons for which the manifestation may be imperfect.