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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Wages Council Shops Order, L. The Member States and the beneficiaries could have urged the Commission to conclude the procedure sooner, had they wished to consider alternative investments or alternative measures to comply with the Environmental aid guidelines. National Assistance Regulations, S. The authorisation is, however, not an authorisation 552054 the State aid rules which the Commission is competent to enforce.

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Certain requirements regarding offensive trades are prescribed. Restricts the age of workers who may be recruited minimum of 16 years of age.

decfeto Sets wage regulation proposals for employees in the manufacture of shirts and garments. The beneficiaries have undertaken long-term capital investments in reliance on the Council Decisions and the Directive.


Consolidates the law relating to trade unions. Barbados – – Ley. Gives the Cabinet the power to make additional regulations regarding the Act.

Part Eight establishes regulations on apprentices and decrreto police band. Amends wording of article 1. The French, Irish and Italian authorities should forward a copy of this decision to the beneficiaries of the measures immediately.

Makes provisions regarding part-time employees.

The argument put forward by the Member States and beneficiaries that the authorisation by the Council overrides the State aid procedures is incorrect. Employment Exchanges Act Ch.

Decreto 52054 pdf download

Repeals the Bank Holidays Act Working in excess of these maximum hours is only possible with the employee’s permission. Agreement on social security between Barbados and Canada. Pdf the growth of national debt and, more specifically, of healthcare spending has forced countries to adopt several strategies to contain public spending.

Payment of additional expenditures of education of insured person Chapter XII: A “milk processor” means a person who processes milk or milk products intended for human decrfto. Contains a Schedule setting out provisions of the Convention. Provides that where employment has terminated prior to an employee’s annual paid holiday, the employer must grant the employee his or her holiday 520544.

In this way, according to Ireland, the relief could have been converted into a general measure or into an acceptable State aid, for example under the Environmental aid guidelines. Assessments of pollutants mobility with implication to remediation strategies.


Provides for the apportionment of damages where applicable. Also amends sections 29, 31 and 43 and the First Schedule. Sets regulations on the procedures of wages council meetings including regulations on quorum, voting and notices of meetings. Part Six provides for special cases, the remission, setting aside and enforcement of awards.

Sets forth requirements and qualifications necessary for the entitlement to social insurance benefits. The Wages Council Notices No.

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Sets the penalties for these offences. Barbados – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Barbados – – Otros textos fecreto, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. Provides for the notification of accidents and occupational diseases.

The Act applies to worker-recruiters in the same manner as it does to recruiters.