Chill winds still blew. Dusty snow fell. But the ancient sea was in no hurry. The Earth had spun six thousand times since flames blossomed and cities died. Now . THE POSTMAN is a best-selling and award-winning dystopian novel that was the core basis for a motion picture of the same name, directed by and. This is the story of a lie that became the most powerful kind of truth. A timeless novel as urgently compelling as War Day or Alas, Babylon.

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Aug 28, Martin Hill rated it it was amazing. Fate touches him one chill winter’s day when he borrows the jacket of a long-dead postal worker to protect himself from the cold.

Gordon could tell his perspective was wrong. These myths that would have been better left out are an obvious wizard of Oz, a foolish band of feminist warriors who infiltrate the enemy’s bedsand augmented super soldiers one of which is a hippy martial arts new age “dude”. After being bushwacked and losing much of his kit, he stumbles on a wrecked mail delivery jeep and adds “postman” to his many rol This book won two awards and was nominated for two more, is included on several “best” lists, and was made into a movie.

The darkened atmosphere passed less sunlight — and it cooled. Sixteen years after the last factory had burned, Gordon’s robbers had completely overlooked the potential value of the bow and strings, when the ammo finally ran out. Across a dark continent it dvid a common litany. Gordon now recreated the image, and made the fellow look more like himself, wiry, bearded, with a perpetual, stunned expression that seemed about to say, “Oh, wow. Right next to where he had slept was a long-sleeved blue uniform blouse with Postal Service patches on the shoulders.

Dark skies had come and gone. It was the same nearly everywhere he had been — a postholocaust callousness to which he’d never grown accustomed, even after all this time.



They took my journal! That element that bothered me is still bothering me enough that I’m unable to give it a thumbs up. He asked, at the end, bron be buried in an American flag. On top of those problems, Brin’s ending pulls the rug out from under the world he built. It wasn’t that he had doubts about what had to be done. The dream — hopeless as he knew it was — simply would not go away.

The Postman

That day changed his life. The ambush was a lost opportunity, but if he hurried he could beat the bandits home, perhaps get a few minutes to steal what he needed — food, clothes, something to carry them in. Gordon tried to remember this morning’s climb up this same trail. I was aware that this had been made into a film in the 90s, in fact I worked in a cinema at the time. Despite the post-apocalyptic scenario and several action sequences, the book is largely about civilization and symbols.

Except that I find Brin’s idea of a restored Postal Service both more inspiring and more practical than Butler’s space program mythology, they’re simply better books in every way, and sadly show, by stark contrast, where The Postman doesn’t work.

A novel of symbols and legend, The Postman is a wearying book for its continual reader hand-holding regarding the ills of America. He had to believe they would part with boots, a jacket, and some food, against the risk of losing one or two of their band.

Cover of first edition hardcover. But when Brin starts increasing the scope of the book and setting up the final confrontation with the survivalist Holnists, The Postman goes completely off the rails. Maybe I’ve been a good boy after all. Sixteen years chasing a dream, Gordon thought.

DAVID BRIN: The Postman

This works about as badly as you might think, veering wildly between weird patronization and an apparently sincere but clueless attempt to recognize uniquely female strengths, all built on a thoroughly binary gender model. Only a stroke of luck had given it away. The Postman has its share of violence and grit, but it is at heart an optimistic novel about the triumph of idealism and ethics over pure savagery.


There was some sort of world war, the details of which and the opponent of which are left mostly unstated. The first is the Postman himself, Gordon Krantz, who takes the uniform solely for warmth after he loses everything but his sleeping clothes.

Words on a page. After reading it, you feel like you’ve done an A-level and experienced a cultural event.

Speculiction Review of The Postman by David Brin

Cherryh Hyperion by Dan Simmons With the popularity of post-apocalyptic novels today, one almost thinks David Brin published this one too soon. Finally, he sat down on the forest floor with his back against the cool door on the jeep’s left side. Its poshman just luck so far, that has kept us from living in the apocalyptic future that this story takes place in? I did take my time though.

Landing sent sharp pain lancing up his left leg as something stabbed him through the flimsy moccasins. But in this awful, bone-dry jungle, there was nothing to do but crawl onward and pray his twisting path did not deliver thd back to his enemies — to those who had effectively killed him already.

It has similarities to Walter Miller’s classic postmn, A Canticle for Liebowitzbut is clearly a work with Brin’s distinctive stamp on it. If they had been, he’d probably be dead by now.

The rest of the jeep appeared to have been free from mold for all these years. Moving his arms and legs, he nrin a long circle around the vehicle, obsessively glancing at its dead occupant, coming to terms with its reality.