Crumar Bit99 Crumar Bit One Wave Alchemy Evolution Roland JUNO Korg Poly 61 I have the 99 (a black one), had two BITs for a while. The Crumar Bit 99 has an average rating of out of 5.(The Crumar Bit 99 has a total of 10 reviews). Sonic State:SynthSite:Crumar Bit 99 ted by Henri Pigmans. Also on this page: links to other resources for the Crumar Bit

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VCF with envelope VCA with envelope Two LFO able to modulate all other components, drumar by the wheel and key velocity, single waveform but one had ramp and the other sawtooth options. Crumar Bit One fault This is anticipated in 0. Crumar Performer Brass Section Hi there. The implementation actually uses two different stereo mixes selectable with the Stereo button: Audio Clip 1 Here’s a simple demo pattern from the Breakthru web site.

Crumar performer output noise when chords press Crumar performer,All keys works fine,but when pressed two or more keys chord together ,it makes noise. The third is a slightly homogenous option that is specific to bristol, similar to the black panelled bit99 but with a couple of extra parameters.

For the other emulations they are accessible from the address entry buttons. For MIDI program change then since this quirky interface cannot be emulated then the memories above 75 will be dual loaded, the rest will crummar single loaded. If stereo is selected then voices will exit from a totally arbitrary output depending on which voices is allocated to each note. There are three slightly different Bit GUI’s.

Possibilities are almost unlimited and if the 99 patches are not enough you can save the data to tape and load it when you want!


Crumar Bit 99 – Specifications, pictures, prices, links, reviews and ratings

This is slightly compensated by the ability to configure more complex DCO. When you load it with a single push on the Load button it returns to the active program, but if you double click then its ‘peer’ program is loaded into the other layer: Bristol uses this with the addition that the mouse can click on a parameter to start entering modifications to it.

The following were added which were not really part of the Bit specifications so are only visible on the front panel of the bit A quick rundown of the features: All the emulations have the same parameters, some require you use the data entry controls to access them. Bristol can have all memories as Bkt or Layer. When the Decay on brass section is at “0” do you lose most of the control of your Bristol is free software.

You can edit the upper layer voices but they will be saved with their original extended parameters. The square wave is exclusive and will typically only function on the most recently selected ie, typically highest harmonic.

Just played italian sound only: The memories are organised differently to the original. Keyboard – 61 bbit size keys, slightly weighted.

If you do prefer the changes then to keep them you must “Park” them into the running program before saving the memory. When you save a memory it is written to memory with a ‘peer’ program locator.

Biit, the controllers look like boolean however that is only the case if the data entry buttons are used, if you change the value with the data entry pot then they act more like continuous drawbars, a nice effect however the display will not show the actual value as the display remains boolean, you have to use your ear. These are only activated for the lower layer loaded memory, not for dual loaded secondaries or upper layer loaded memories.


The net result is that the oscillators are quite Voxy having the ability to mix various harmonic levels of different mixable waveforms.

With a polyphony of three notes, instead of six normally, you can have two sounds layered! Mono is a centre pan of the signal and Stereo pans hardleft and hardright respectively. bkt

Your browser does not support the audio element. Since this is a purely digital emulations then the filters are a bit weak. It has some very nice mod features though, it was fun to emulate and hopefully enjoyable to play with.

Sounds Of The Crumar Bit 99 Synthesizer

Bristol carries no logo. Bristol is in no way associated with the original manufacturer, neither do they endorse this product. It Works perfectly, except that depending This synth was used by State but the synth sounds a lot like Orbital ‘s “In-sides” album. These mixes can be changed with parameters to using extended data entry documented below.

View the discussion thread. As bristol is stereo then each layer is allocated to the left or right channel. Additional information provided by Telmo J. Two DCO with mixed waveforms. The m2 put in a few extra features ie, took a few liberties that were not in the original: