So, now with 6 weeks and around 10 games under my belt, I’d like to share my newest list and experiences so far with hopes to provide. : Warhammer 40, Codex: Craftworld Eldar (): Gavin Thorpe, David Gallagher, etc.: Books. Codex: Craftworlds is a seriously awesome book. Index Eldar struggled, and there was a reason everyone was playing Ynnari. Now however.

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Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

Hemlock Wraithfighters are arguably more useful though, given their Crraftworld autohitting D-Scythes and as an extra vector for Runes of Battle debuffs. Warp Spiders are more expensive, but they’re sturdier and able to handle MEQ targets better than the Hawks can.

On some Striking Scorpions in combat? Finally it can be a nice option to get a unit back into cover after it has finished off a unit in the shooting phase for Non-Ynnari.

Forge World Hornets and Wasp Assault Walkers are also particularly durable in their own right, and can very easily serve as Heavy Weapon vectors if you wish to spam the firepower. While a good amount of eldar cheese has been toned down since 8th edition launched, there are still a couple units that can crsftworld spectacularly when grouped together. Use Doom or the standard CP reroll instead.

Fast Attack Choice Recommendations: Eldar subscribe unsubscribe 3, readers 10 users here now Welcome to the Eldar Subreddit, the premier place on Reddit to discuss Eldar, Dark Eldar and Harlequins for Warhammer 40,! Once the deployment is finished, you can place that Fire Prism he could’ve sworn was just sitting out in the open way down field of those devastators he sent after it with a clear flanking shot on them.


All the other Phoenix Lords offer particularly powerful perks, though they’re all limited specifically to their respective Aspect Warriors and should probably only be used if you plan on focusing on them.

Commit them only if you’re certain they can survive your opponent’s next combat round. Just be careful that if you do this, you don’t accidentally leave your Spiritseer to the wolves while your Wraithblades charge off to make Khaine proud. This is actually really broken. To all the jetbike fans, this’ll let you slap heavy weapons back on your bikes so you can relive those 7th edition memories of “relentless” jetbikes. Shining Spearsif you’re not fielding Howling Banshees or Wraithblades, should be your immediate go-to for Melee combat.

If you’re planning on taking a Phoenix Lord aside from Asurmen, your Elite choice will likely be the determining factor for this, and will obviously determine your list’s focus should you choose to do so. These are very specific traits which can be taken by applicable Warlords within their Specialist Detachments.

Codex Craftworlds After 6 Weeks : Eldar

Because apparently the Wave Serpent really needed the extra boost. Conversely, every other flier is improved exponentially by this modifier, since their BS is actually affected by how damaged they happen to be.

If you insist on taking any LoW, it’s borderline mandatory to use Iyanden’s Craftworld Attribute Double your wounds when referencing your Degrading Statlines. Additionally, none of our powers ever needs a line of sight, feel free to hide your psykers as needed.

Spice with the Psytronome of Iyanden if you want to guarantee the death of whatever coded trying to punch. It wil provide counter-punch when your opponents are inevitably forced to come deal with your firebase somehow.


Combine with Cloud Strike and your opponent is guaranteed to turn into a pillar of salt. Howling Banshees are your cheap, semi-squishy anti-horde infantry while Wraithblades are your expensive, durable and strong anti-horde, MEQ and TEQ infantry. Runes of Witnessing 2 CP: They’re also a very flexible unit at a reasonable price tag; they can bring Shuricannons and Flamers for anti-infantry roles, or can slap on AMLs or Bright Lances to deal with enemy monsters or vehicles.

The most important trick here is simply noting that Quicken works best on fast elrar, and Shining Spears ledar both fast, and most in need of the help, since their otherwise tremendous guns are very short range. Shuriken everywhere it’s nuts!

Congrats now you can cast 21 powers per turn in matched play.

In return you get access to Strength from Death and the most overpowered psychic power in the game so it’s not as bad a deal as it sounds. But those wraith guard are only -1 to hit. Even if the -1 to hit modifier had no effect on Dark Reapers, these guys are too good at what they do to not be an immediate consideration for this slot.

With 48″ range guns, it’ll be quite some time before most enemy units can craftaorld up to a range that negates Alaitoc’s attribute. Between Celestial Shield, Protect and effective Morale immunity, it’s likely that your opponent will have to explicitly focus them down in order to properly secure whatever point your Guardians were