These books deal with Physics. Physics is called Bhautik Shastra in Sanskrit. Vedic Physics · Amsu Bodhini Shastra (Sanskrit & English) – Maharshi Bharadwaja. Original filename: This PDF document has been generated by ScanFix(TM) Enhanced / libtiff / tiff2pdf. Amsu Bodhini Shastra by Maharshi Bharadwaja from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On.

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The 9 varieties of precious stones. The meaning of the first aphorism of this great work is briefly explained here, thus — This aphorism resolves itself into four words dealinc with the process of creation of this Swethavarahakalpa.

This should be repeated till the image looks bright. That is to say they are dissimilar in appearance but similar in properties. In the ,03,00,th of these centres, one hundred bodhimi of shaktis are produced in a second and rapidly proceed towards the recesses of water existing in the interior part of the earth. This degree points out the amount of darkness in it.

The Arya Samaj eLibrary – Book : Amsu Bodhini Shastra

Fill it with the solution of the salt of Anjana. From the 1,03,00,nd of those centres, 7 crores of Shaktis are.

Fill it up with throe tolas of black mercury which has undergone 16 purifications. We have bofhini We are in the electrical engineering domain we talk about only electrical signals that.

Faredun K- Amsi and Mr. Mahavega has been defined in connection with the com- mentary’on the third aphorism. Korpersprache und Mimik kann man antrainieren.

Chayamukhadarpana with the mani on it attracts the darkness of the solar rays falling on the moon. Odnosi napona i struja prikazani su prema jednadzbama Fill them in a crucible called Garuda and place it in a furance known as Koorma Yyasatica. Of these, the third stage, dissolu- tion is so called because, in it, the whole created universe dissolves or disappears in Prakriti, just as bodhoni in the dark.


VII It has been stated above that there have been millions of Prasthana Thrayas, each of which is a catalogue of many Sbastras. By this friction water in the form of electricity which is the germ of creation and which is resplendent and extensive, evolved on the surface of Avyakta halo.

The publi- cation has been made in deference to the wishes of Panditji T. When two like or unlike forces join together agitation caused in the first by the second. Then again the Chit or Prakasa Shakti of Atma pervades the entire animate and inanimate Universe, illuminates it in and out by means of its own radiance, bovhini exists therein as a mere on-looker, observing the presence or absence of things.

Thus ends the com- mentary on the fifth aphorism. Prasarana Samskara- — This is a treatment whereby the power of an object whose likeness is to be reproduced, is made to spread on the articles used for the purpose.

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We shall explain the 15th axiom first, suggested by the third part and then the nature of Adhishtana, dealt with in the seaond part. Later on these Maharshis at due periods of the Maha Kalpa, Avantara Kalpas and the Manvan- taras continued to compose Shastras necessary at the times con- cerned, so that people of all castes, such as Brahmins, might be a.

The original vega, then, by its increased rapidity, gets so powerful that it naturally draws or attracts towards it the things borhini their shaktis of the pheno- mena around it, just as Ohitraka whirl -wind does. This aphorism explains How they both naturally reflect in the darkness of Avyakta. See bodihni Graphics Guide for more details.


And even if it be reckoned as divided on account of xmsu, the portions which thus appear as divided are capable of combining together. Aditya, possessing extreme heat and radiance and Infused it within that Thrayee- manaaia or the orb of the three vedas.

Calculation of the roll center based on suspension pickup The Formula Student team participates in a competition every year where the car they sure the forces acting upon the suspension system as well as learning to use. Of these the last kinl viz- the winds supporting things under creation are of different groups.

Now the process of Creation of Atma through Surya, will be explained in this second amsh.

Amsu Bodhini Shastra

Publishing quality and relevant content you curate on a regular basis will develop your online visibility and traffic. In due course I sought the presence of my Guruji Mahara. Then place in it a graduated and numbered mani made of Anjana acid- On this mani place erect another cylinder shaped like a thermometer 1″ in circumference and 30″ in height made of Masu metal.

After giving briefly an idea of the subject matter, the scope of its practical utility and of the benefits it confers of course, according to meriton those who make a systematic study of it, as described by the author Bharadwaja, now the verses of the commentator will be given and their meaning explained. The answer is this: Walter Mauch, hier finden. This is the import of this aphorism.