‘Entering Banana Yoshimoto’s fictional world is a little like living as an expatriate in Tokyo-everyday things are disconcertingly different. The exotic lurks around. Amrita [Banana Yoshimoto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After losing her beautiful younger sister, a celebrated actress, to suicide. Amrita [Banana Yoshimoto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A celebrated actress who has died in mysterious and shocking circumstances.

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We all love Japan. One of my most favourite books I’ve ever read! The book I think is best yoshiimoto by one of the quotes by the protagonist “The world around us often goes thru changes. Along with having a famous father, poet Takaaki Yoshimoto, Banana’s sister, Haruno Yoiko, is a well-known cartoonist in Japan.

It was about daily life and what’s happening around.

Love the ending as well and all the heartfelt letters. Ma che caspita ti ridi cretina?? The story is supposed banan be about the way life turns on itself; the eb I feel a need to defend this book To view it, click here.

It doesn’t mean it gets better or worse. Many big events do happen in the book, but is also leaves the reader with the feeling that nothing has happened, that this book is simply one big loop through the circular patterns of a life.


As always, I finished the book, closed yoshimotp on my lap and with a satisfied smile felt a tear running down my cheek.

Banana Yoshimoto’s magical realist rumination on life and death

Would you be more considerate with your rating because of yoshimpto apology? It’s a saga of a Sakimu who injures herself and while recovering tells her story and her sister’s and borther’s.

I could have written down many, yooshimoto special quotes from this lovely story. Time for reflection, perhaps. Of course, the reason why my opinion of the book this time is so different to when I read it a couple of years ago has a lot more to do with me than with the book.

The characters all seem to s The thing about Banana Yoshimoto’s books is that I feel like I’m being introduced into a real and raw, yet dreamy world.

Read archived reviews of Japanese classics at jtimes. Something a Little Different Life is constantly moving on; you meet people, you grow close, you have good times, and then you go your separate ways. Some banzna argue that Yishimoto story is too surreal, too fragmented, “too detailed” as a friend put it.

Books like this make me feel even more grateful for being able to see and read; books like this are the reason why I chose a profession like mine: I got off at Caulfield station and walked slowly through the campus to my office, taking a different route in order to stay in the sunlight for as long as possible. Newer Post Older Post Home.


Amrita (novel) – Wikipedia

Dec 27, Rezarta rated it liked it Shelves: Dunque, non posso andare oltre le tre stelline. I like Yoshimoto but I don’t think this one lives up to her N. Yoshimoto may have that astute sense of attention to details so she can take you to the scenes in the book like you are physically there. Life is as strange as a dream, and also as charming as one, no matter if a yoahimoto vision or the worst nightmare. The main character of this Yoshimoto book is quite similar to all of her novels: A major portion is recitation of the tedious dialogues the narrator has had with friends oyshimoto family.

Not good or bad, just different.

Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto

Open Preview See a Problem? So random, odd and paranormal, but very thoughtful. However, she described what was happening in too many details that for several yoshijoto, I lost track of what she was saying. She writes her name in hiragana.