Gotz Ali is the author of Hitler’s Beneficiaries ( avg rating, ratings, La utopía nazi: Cómo Hitler compró a los alemanes by. Götz Aly,. Gotz Ali. La utopía nazi: cómo Hitler compró a los alemanes by Götz Aly at uk – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Crítica – : La utopía nazi Cómo hitler compró a los alemanes.

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Gotz Ali (Author of La utopía nazi)

This required a great deal of money, which the Nazis acquired, primarily from three sources: It is amazing what the bureaucrats, especially those in the finance ministry of the Third Reich, were able to get away with. Sep 15, Vasil Kolev rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hitler favored social equality for all Germans p.

Instead it succeeded in making them well-fed parasites. Some reviews I have read suggest that Aly goyz draw too materialist an explanation of why Germans continued to support Hitler, and I have not gotten so far as to So far I’m enjoying this book. What foodstuffs and amenities were you able to get during the war, that weren’t available during peacetime? The sheer normality of it erodes one’s ability, as a beneficiary of a first-world economy, to smugly assume superiority to the average German of that era.

This book, while it is not entertaining, will teach you that the Nazis were a left wing group that gained and kept power in Germany for so long because they provided a plethora of social entitlements and then invaded and looted their gota countries and plundered their undesirable minorities to pay for them. During the First World War, the nazzi of living of the German people suffered, which reduced support for the war.

Refresh and try again. While it’s way too detailed on the financial records, it’s alu utterly fascinating read. He cites so many aspects of the same data nai extensive data about where goods and money went during the Nazi regime – that it’s hard to process but it’s the only way to make the point.

The details are remarkable, such as Germany paying for the bombing of Britain in francs, as part of a currency manipulation scheme. This book, while it is not entertaining, will teach you that the Nazis were a left wing group that gained and kept p You don’t know much about the Ay. Reading it as I am in the last year of the Bush II administration, this book is a stark reminder of how much damage a government that persistently makes bad and immoral policy decisions can do, and how difficult it is to mobilize against such a government.


Update after finishing the book: The details are remarkable, such as Germ This book is brilliant. I’m not a huge economics guy but this was interesting as the Germans were brilliant in figuring out how alt fund their conquest and occupations of other countries by coming up with ways to have these other countries pay for the German occupation.

But probably almost nobody would read a more comprehensive version.

Jul 04, Will rated it really liked it Shelves: Inmerely 7, Gestapo employees sufficed to handle 60 million Germans, while, in later East Germany,surveillance experts controlled 17 million people p. I’m not sure why this was a surprise to me.

German-occupied Ogtz actually had to pay Germany for being occupied pp. He describes how the appropriation of property from Jews and others marginalized by the regime, and occupied countries, w Aly presents a very simple thesis about the Nazi regime: They were paid a wage in order to forestall resistance back home, but then the earnings were recouped by the Germans in various creative ways pp.

Hitler’s Beneficiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State

The book does an excellent job, though, of demonstrating the oft-ignored “Socialist” part of National Socialism. Through conversations with professors and other second-generation Germans during my time there, I found a growing sense of dismay that the third and fourth generations are “sick of” learning about and hearing about the Holocaust. Nov 29, Relstuart rated it really liked it Shelves: If you are in a hurry, the last three short chapters summarize his point pretty nicely.

Race, religion and prejudice clearly played utopiz role in the Hol During the First World War, the standard of living of the German people suffered, which reduced support for the war. May 01, Malaga rated it liked it.

Esther Mateo’s review of La utopía nazi: Cómo Hitler compró a los alemanes

Since no one else wanted them, they killed them. Presently, from tohe is a visiting professor for interdisciplinary Holocaust research at the Fritz Bauer Institut in Frankfurt am Main.

May 01, Ietrio rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s complicated, and there were many times I would have liked more background tuopia.

Sep 26, Jan Peczkis rated it it was amazing. An excellent and well researched answer to the question of how the Nazis gained so much support from so many Germans for as long as they did?


We see how Jews and citizens from Nazi occupied lands suffered from crippling taxation, mass looting, forced labour, and destruction. More affluent Germans bore 20 percent of the burden, while foreigners, forced laborers, and Jews were compelled to cover 70 percent utipia the funds consumed every day by Germany during the war.

Hitler’s Beneficiaries has been hailed as “startling” by Richard Evans, and as “fascinating and important” by Christopher Browning. The conventional view is that the Holocaust was mostly about racial ideology, and only partly about plunder.

Connelly’s review was helpful in confirming the novelty of this work as many reviewers mention, this is the first book to highlight how Nazis financed Naazi through Jews-owned wealth.

Always expertly misrepresenting their true objectives and actions, such as justifying their theft and plunder of the rich Jews or other country’s wealth, by some then acceptable jtopia in the eyes of the ayl and public. Dec 03, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: They paid for everything they took or needed from the civilian populace. After attending the German School of Journalists, Aly studied history and political science in Berlin.

Recommended by Allison by way of Caldwell, this book delighted me for three main reasons: Return to Book Page. The book is nazii to read although you can easely get lost in the annotations that the author uses, I found gptz in a first read gozt is better to ignore them. If we’re not ashamed of that as a people something is wrong. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This is just one example of how the Germans were able to fund their war efforts using the economy of countries they took over.

Dec 11, Rob Barry rated it really liked it. But how have you or your family benefitted from what happened? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Aly touches on the eventual Nazi extermination plans against Slavs: