Finansije i bankarstvo. Marketing i menadžment Krizni menadžment. Učesnici Fakultet za turistički i hotelijerski menadžment. Fakultet za. View Test Prep – Krizni menadzment from MANAGEMENT 1 at University of Applied Sciences, Nordwestschweiz, Basel. KRIZNI MENADMENT Sluaj: Autobuska. Više informacija na: proces-donosenja-odluka-u-vanrednim-situacijama/.

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These elements are just some of the key items for efficient crisis management and they are pointing to the importance of crisis planning and management.


Access restricted to students and staff of home institution. Skip to main content. Crisis management can be defined as a set of function that aim to identify, predict and investigate he possible emergency situations and to establish jenadzment ways that will enable the organization to prevent the crisis or to be with her choices and to overcame it.

Turizam je posebno osjetljiv na katastrofe i krize. In such moments, emotional charges, conflicts and uncertainties often occur, and the involvement and awareness of all employees in the process is extremely important.


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This paper presents and interprets the problem of natural disasters and the role of crisis management in tourism. Project management, Financial and Tax management, Accounting and Revision. Business crisis is an unplanned and unwanted process in business operations, limited duration and possibilities to impact on it, which harms the primary goals of the company with an ambivalent outcome.

If a crisis occurs, the first step that a manager needs to do is to krini and clarify the goals and purposes of crisis management.

Large natural disasters always bring widespread destruction and sorrow wherever they occur. Particular attention is dedicated to the world biggest natural disasters — the earthquake in Japan, Hurricane Katrina in the United States, and mrnadzment tsunami in Thailand, with an explanation of the crisis situation, the reaction, the challenges and the consequences with which they met these countries faced with sudden, unpredictable events.

Krizni menadžment

Tourism is especially vulnerable to disasters and crises. Timely preparation for a crisis situation requires a close connection with a person, department, or public relations company because it is necessary to fully plan the communication strategy for the sake of not compromising the image.


Home About repository Contact. Skip to main content. The next step is to ensure effective communication strategy, especially external, so it doesn’t come to spreading disinformation that would harm the business.

Through this research, it has been concluded that retails have developed crisis management to the extent that it is enough for everyday problems to be efficiently and timely sanctioned, as well as professionals if the crisis is widespread in the media and they take care of employees awarness in such situations.