A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the .. Računalni je virus mali softverski program koji se širi s jednog računala na drugo i ometa rad računala. Računalni virus može oštetiti ili izbrisati. Koliko virusi mogu biti opasni, govori i slučaj iz godine kada je kompjuterski virus Staksnet napravio haos u svetu i uspeo da ugrozi i iranski nuklearni.

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A computer virus is a type of malicious software that, when executed, replicates itself by modifying other computer programs and inserting its own code.

Computer virus

Viruses that utilize this technique are said to be in metamorphic code. University of Illinois Press: Computer viruses infect a variety of different subsystems on their host computers and software. One may reduce the damage done by viruses by making regular backups of data and the operating systems on different media, that are either kept unconnected to the system most of the time, as in a hard driveread-only or not accessible for other reasons, such as using different file systems.

Basic Concepts and Solved Exercises. In order to replicate kokpjuterski, a virus must be permitted to execute code and write to memory.

Before computer networks became widespread, most viruses spread on removable mediaparticularly floppy disks. United States – English. Macro viruses have become common since the mids. As software is often designed with security features to prevent unauthorized use of system resources, many viruses must exploit and manipulate security bugswhich are security defects in a system or application software, to spread themselves and infect other computers.

Gunn under the title “Use of virus functions to provide a virtual APL interpreter under user control” in In the case of polymorphic viruses, however, this decryption module is also modified on each infection. Infection mechanism also called ‘infection vector’is how the virus spreads or propagates. There are two common methods that an antivirus software application uses to detect viruses, as described in the antivirus software article.


Sprječavanje i uklanjanje virusa i drugog zlonamjernog softvera

Idite na web-mjesto Microsoft Safety Scanner. In this case, a virus scanner cannot directly detect the virus using signatures, but it can still detect the decrypting module, which still makes indirect detection of the virus possible.

Users would be required to click on a link to activate the virus, which would then send an vkrusi containing user data to an anonymous email addresswhich was later found to be owned by Larose.

Many Windows users are running the same set of applications, enabling viruses to rapidly spread among Microsoft Windows systems by targeting the same exploits on large numbers of hosts.

Archived from the original on July 4, Once the system has been restored, precautions must be taken to avoid reinfection from any restored executable files. In response, free, open-source antivirus tools have been developed, and an industry of antivirus software has cropped up, selling or freely distributing virus protection to users of various operating systems. Retrieved from ” https: That is, each infected file contains a different variant of the virus.

Computer Viruses and Data Protection. The user can then delete, or in some cases “clean” or “heal” the infected file.

While some kinds of antivirus software employ various techniques to counter stealth mechanisms, once the infection occurs any recourse to “clean” the system is unreliable. Most of these viruses are written in the scripting languages for Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and spread throughout Microsoft Office by infecting documents and spreadsheets.

Kompjuterski Virusi

kompjkterski Email virus — A virus that intentionally, rather than accidentally, uses the email system to spread. Since these would be symmetric keys, stored viirusi the infected host, it is entirely possible to decrypt the final virus, but this is probably not required, since self-modifying code is such a rarity that it may be reason for virus scanners to at least “flag” the file as suspicious. A virus may also send a web address link as an instant message to all the contacts e.


The first one to appear on the Commodore Amiga was a boot sector virus called SCA viruswhich was detected in November Retrieved 2 September Inresearchers created and released a virus for Linux—known as ” Bliss “. Secondly, every computer virus must contain a routine to copy itself into the program which the search routine locates. Crna Gora – Srpski. komojuterski

The copy may not be virjsi to the propagating version; viruses often “morph” or change to evade detection by IT professionals and anti-virus software. A virus typically has a search routine, which locates new files or new disks for infection. Indonesia Bahasa – Bahasa. Archived from the original on September 7, Instrument engineers’ handbook 3rd ed. This makes it possible to create a file that is of a different type than it appears to the user.

Computer virus – Wikipedia

Some viruses employ techniques that make detection by means of signatures difficult but probably not impossible. This difference has continued partly due to the widespread use of administrator accounts in contemporary versions like Windows XP.

Retrieved 16 April Unlike Windows users, most Unix users do not log in as an administrator, or “root user”except to install or configure software; as a result, even if a user ran the virus, it could not harm their operating system.

It may be possible to recover copies of essential user data by booting from a live CDor connecting the hard drive to another computer and booting from the second computer’s operating system, taking great care not to infect that computer by executing any infected programs on the original drive.