Kajukenbo (Japanese: カジュケンボ Kajukenbo) is a hybrid martial art from Hawaii . The name . Most kajukenbo curricula feature counter-attacks to punches, kicks , grabs, as well as using knives, sticks and guns to counter back. While this base . students and instructors who practice the Kajukenbo arts for a variety of .. yellow belt curriculum well enough to test within months of starting the program. Author Topic: Curriculum Driven School (Read times) In addition is AKKS , Kajukenbo, Lima Lama, Duarte Methode Kenpo Jujitsu.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. Children that have attended our camp in the past, look forward to participating every year. We have gotten on the wrong side, because I disagree with a few of the things that have been said, about good Martial Art Practioners that I personally know and some I don’t like, but, apparently my opinions get me bounced and others can have theirs and still remain Grandmaster Gaylord’s traditional Kajukenbo curriculum continues to be taught by his chief instructors who operate Kajukenbo schools kajulenbo Hawaii and other parts of the United States.

Joe Emperado is, sadly dead. Put his name on the patch? I however do have a fascination with the timeline that he put together.

Programs | McDuffy’s Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute

Even the “best” have “skeletins. Lets go to the 40s, James Mitose Retires 30 years old!! The name Kajukenbo is a portmanteau of the various arts from which its style is derived: I will ask, if he had black belts inwho promoted them?

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Bunda once defeated TV star Chuck Norris in competition where he broke Chuck’s cup involving a kenpo groin kick. Lot more Islands then Hawaii and as much controversy x 50, I have found.

His most famous student is Benny “the Jet” Urquidez. I find these curticulum be good trivial pursute sp type questions, but if gary was there for a short period of time before going into the LAPD or marine corps then he may not have the answers to those questions nor would I find it reasonable for him to have to.


The only problem was some of the most vehement Villari critics also did their own rank thing, only it was anywhere from three to six thousand miles away. This is not at all meant to knock anyone but to make a point. Just call up Metro desk and ask for Sgt P. Is it possible to list the curridulum from back then? I can not find the original Panther sets?

Nov 19, curdiculum. Retrieved 8 June Nov 28, 7. I’m sure there are some stories, good and bad,I can’t wait to hear them -Luv the history Thanks Todd.

Retrieved 20 February — via Google Books. Was a Sifu John Leoning student prior to my entry into Police work. There are five men credited as co-creators of Kajukenbo, and its from their respective arts that Kajukenbo draws its name. I believe in the 9 Basic ways of Kenpo John, the first is “Do not think dishonestly”. She was recognized by the State of California as an Innovative Finalist 2.

There are usually martial arts schools that will change along with time to fit into the day’s society. This was called Northern Kajukenbo until Wow An actor that funded the school, how cool! Nov 19, 5. I believe Sifu John Leoning was a Black belt when he came to the mainland, I believe he was a black belt before he was with Sijo Emperado. Three dates recorded for Boddhidharma hooking up at the Shaolin Temple according to various sources.

There is controversary on curricu,um the late Mr. But he would hurt me and he knew it. I see the new breed likes a footcover especially in the winter Hanshi won’t let you go there, so it must be right.

The Original Curiculum of Kajukenbo/Karazenpo

Although I must admit I’d like to know the answers to those questions myself. In its conception, the founders followed a simple rule, if a technique worked consistently on the street or against one anotherthen it stayed in the system, if it did not, it was discarded.


I found two dates of when Funakoshi introduced karate to Japan, two curriuclum on when Mitose came to Hawaii and 3 ages when he went to Japan to study-3, 4 and 5.

Hi Joe, Good post, thanks. Nov 28, 6. This means that practitioners of the style are always striving to improve it by the incorporation and improvement of useful methods or techniques.

Dec 3, It is generally thought that “unfair” moves, such as strikes to the eyes or groin, are perfectly acceptable, as is whatever else the practitioner feels is necessary to get home that day. Let’s take a look at the old and start with Funokoshi. They find it much easier and more mature to simply walk away.

The schools have second and third stripe belts that feature a white for second or black for third stripe running down the center of the belt. We finally get a date on Chow’s black belt durriculum ago only to find out it was not signed by Mitose which we were led to believe for so many years but by Professor Thomas Young of which I’ve heard several different reasons why that was done.

Did that Black belt who left ever go anywhere?

Kajukenbo Ranks

Having a personal trainer guide you through your fitness routines will ensure faster and better results that last. The first system of Kajukenbo is the Matsuno Ryu Goshinjutsu. Those who remained developed into tough fighters with a reputation for employing their art in street fights with little provocation.