Section 1: Rules of the Road. 1 INTRODUCTION . .. 1. 2 ACRONYMS AND DEFINITIONS. South Africa Learner Driver Signal Book K53 e Booklet. July 18, | Author: Vimal Durairaj | Category: Traffic, Wheeled Vehicles, Transport Infrastructure. K53 South Africa is the most popular FREE Learner’s license app in South Africa, Thousands have tried it and thousands have passed. K53 South Africa app.

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The distance between the two vehicles may not be more than 3,5 metres. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. If there is another vehicle inside the circle, stop behind the yield road marking and treat it as a four way stop sign with the necessary observation, like we discussed before, before moving on. Die blindekol na Booklst.

Check it out Looking for a dream car? Rem deur slegs die rempedaal te gebruik — net voordat jou voertuig tot stilstand kom, moet gooklet koppelaar gebruik word. Opdraende Wegtrek Stop agter die soliede wit lyn op pad na bo.

Phasa ilenazi yakho kalula

Make sure that if there is another vehicle in front of you that you keep a distance of at least three metres, from it. Die boute en moere van die bandvelling vas is. It must be done before or after turning.


Find a flat, stable and safe place to change your tire. Voor elke beweging moet jy sekere prosedures uitvoer voordat jy kan begin, naamlik: If there is no seat belt on the front seat, children up to the age of 14 must sit on the back seat. At the front of the vehicle check that the head lights, indicators and number plate are still clean, attached and not broken and make sure that the registration number of the vehicle corresponds with the registration disc number affixed to the windscreen of the vehicle.

As jy bo-op dit stop, is jy besig om ander verkeer wat veronderstel is om daar te draai, se weg te versper — en druip jy onmiddelik jou padtoets.

Avoid using so much force that you risk upsetting the l53.

Place the spare tire on the hub. The sidewalls should not have deep cuts and the inner cords should not be visible. Click on the bottom right corner book,et the diagram below, and page through some examples of the sections within this book. Rear view mirror in the middle.

K53 e Booklet – Free Download PDF

Brake using only the brake pedal, and just before the vehicle comes to a complete standstill, apply the clutch. The rear view mirror. Finally, check the blind spot in the direction you are turning into, before turning. Know your rights when it comes to speed traps.


Or you can use the shortcut made in the start menu. Each section, from road traffic signs to rules of the road, is colour coded to make learning easier.

K53 Learning | Book

Afrikaans Koppelaarbeheer soos vir die res van jou lewe Maak seker dat jy koppelaarbeheer uitoefen, voordat jy die noodrem deaktiveer. How to change a tyre 1. G on your system.

Only then can you lower the emergency brake and pull away. Die afstand tussen die twee voertuie mag nie meer as 3,5 bkoklet wees nie. Now you can start moving, but as soon as you start turning, check your blind spot over your RIGHT shoulder, because you are moving backwards, whilst turning left.

Jumpstart this machine now jumpstart the next machine. And the blind spot towards the lane you want to turn into, in this case LEFT.

K53 e Booklet

Maksimum tyd hiervoor — drie minute, buite en binne. Skakel die rathefboom in die truposisie. We need your help!