The Black Lyon. By Jude Deveraux, reprint of release, Medieval Romance Avon, $, # First in the Montgomery. A Classic Love Story of a Fearless Lordand the Woman Who Tamed Him Darkly handsome and rich beyond imagining, the bold English conqueror was called. The Black Lyon was my first medieval novel. I had a plot, so all I had to do was a bit of research. I just needed to know where they lived, what.

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Of course it can all be bla I had to reread the novel in order to start the series anew and to be able to express my opinion properly.

The Black Lyon by Jude Deveraux – FictionDB

InJude married and took her husband’s surname of White, but four years later they divorced. It is during this waiting period, during which they are separated, that Ranulf has more than enough time to dwell on his decision judee marry again. The story was wonderfully told, and even though there were times I wanted to smack the hero or shake the heroine, they always came back around and had me reading with tears in my eyes. She is a baron’s daughter, even though she has been protected and sheltered by her family she is happy, darin Loved it- it was my kind of thing, fast moving, strong characters, alpha male, passionate love, jealousy that tears them apart, a perfect match.

Blavk were well written though and weren’t cliched villains which was appreciated. There’s nothing like your first romance. Three Weeks To Wed. Sep 14, Regan Walker rated it really liked it. Ranulf accuses Lyonene of conspiring with a boy from her childhood and threatens to cast jhde aside. On the Way to the Wedding with 2nd Epilogue. Lyonene is a jhde, an innocent who quickly wins his heart and brings laughter to this hardened man.


She is a baron’s daughter, even though she has been protected and sheltered by her family she is happy, daring and fearless AND she makes the Lyon laugh. Every time she says something, it’s like, “Ranulf turned and gazed at her with a fierce gaze.

This is the first book I’ve read by Jude Deveraux and I really liked it. I don’t know why I lyom reading this novel. I forgot how much angst is in this story. Although she came to the marriage carrying the deverajx of another man, Ranulf was so in awe of ujde that he worked day and night training to be a knight in order to please her.

Thing is, I can usually just accept a moment or two like that in HR because I know that’s how it really was back then.

The Black Lyon

Umm was I the only one who had a problem with the fact that he hit her? I get twitchy if I don’t. No Mistress of Mine. But all the potential is there in The Black Lyon and that’s why it deserves deveraix be in a list of the greatest medieval HRs.

She has a large extended family and is the elder sister of four brothers. Paperbackpages. Accidentally Compromising the Duke.

To view it, click here. I like books set in the medieval times, I love to see how two strangers marry then have to get to know and trust each other. Ranaulf has a dark secret in his past—an unfaithful wife who died condemning him. Out of hatred and spite, Isabelle was determined to take away any shred of deverux that Ranulf had for anything.

Bitterness from a past rejection has shaped him into the callous man he is. For years, she worked as 5th-grade teacher.

She knows that mere words will not convince him of her sincerity. Yhe is a fearsome knight with black hair and black eyes; he rides a black horse and has a lion on his shield; his most elite warriors, eight in number, all have dark hair as well; ergo, he is known as the Black Lion lon the warriors are the Black Guard.


Excellent period detail and vocabulary I read the kindle edition. While the Duke Was Sleeping. I’m pretty sure that was rape, but I somehow overlooked it. Stranger in the Moonlight.

I hate to say it, but I don’t think she’ll top mine. Over the next few days, he commits to marry her because she makes him laugh.

I also liked that at the begining of this book she gives the floor plan of the castle, it was nice to look at when reading I really liked this book.

Like, just when I think she can’t possibly be more dumb, she’s like “hold my beer” It drew me in immediately from their first meeting. I don’t like how Ranulf is always staring hard at her either. Darkly handsome and rich beyond imagining, the bold English conqueror was called Lyon for his-lion like fierceness.

The Duke of Deception. My heart was in a constant state of twisting and bleeding. While there, the doubts and insecurities start to plague him, and by the time he returns for the wedding, Lyonene encounters a stranger, one who is harsh and brutal.

Published January 30th by Avon Books first published January 1st I could never tell how much time passed until it was spelled out for me.