Jonathan Lethem’s essays reveal surprising influences on his fiction. By Stuart Kelly. National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist A New York Times Notable Book A Best Book of the Year —Austin American-Statesman Includes a new, previously. The Ecstasy of Influence: Nonfictions, Etc. (Vintage Contemporaries) [Jonathan Lethem] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. National Book.

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December 11, at Finally we have the combination of modernist aesthetics and what might broadly be called “popular culture” — a term of which Lethem is rightly suspicious. I could have done this book more justice by going in to more particulars, talking about essays I enjoyed, pointing out more subjects being discussed in the book. Worth reading, but you have to have the discipline to say, “Really, I don’t care about this,” so you can spend time with the really interesting parts.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s just, many essays feel kind of overwritten. Lethem is an amazing ecsasy, and it was fun to get a sense of his background and some ideas he has about literature. Klosterman still makes it interesting, Lethem not so much. With gatekeepers like that, we risk stagnation. Lethem has a previous and much shorter collection of essays called The Disappointment JonathajI think that’s a fairly apt title for something of his, he’s not one of those onfluence that is always knocking it out of wcstasy park.

We have no recourse to the author or to any of the author’s sources, no document or evidence, no mountain to pilgrimage backward toward.

The ecstasy of influence: A plagiarism by Jonathan Lethem

Lethem has that same honesty but you get the feeling reading him that he has no problem just blurting shit out even though you know that it’s also mediated, it’s just not as constructed Then he got extremely sensitive when Fhe was using multi-touch. In addition to the usual sources or original publication–Salon, the New Yorker, various literary magazines–some of the pieces here were written for artists’ catalogs, CD liner notes, and jinathan.


For more of my reviews, check out www. In that respect there are a number of pieces which, if they aren’t manifestoes, are at the least manifestish or even manifetish, an invoking of totemic authors.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I like another one.

The Ecstasy of Influence by Jonathan Lethem –review | Books | The Guardian

Actually, I think they are bullshit. On the other hand, The Ecstasy of Influence resonated entirely. Oct 20, Andie rated it liked it. I like to read how the book affected someone.

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Sep 05, Billy rated it it was amazing. The irksome short fictions fail to entertain esp. The connectivity of influences has resulted out series of movements in art world.

The book is neatly modulated, with the impassioned and detailed studies offset with bagatelles a lovely proposal for new holidays, an account of his superhero “The Epiphany”, Brooklyn cameos that might be fugitive excerpts from unwritten novels. Everybody is ghe or influenced by somebody or something else. Lethem even suggests in the Or that readers may not be interested in reading cover-to-cover, but I did anyway.

Jan 14, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: How should we count on this tthe I’m a swamp of bad grammar and awful syntax. No trivia or quizzes yet.

His essays on Dick and Shirley Jackson are great. I do like these types of books which preport to be more than just a collection of writings by an author in between his novels.

While not all of his interests coincide with mine—for instance, I’ve grown weary of people extolling the virtues of New York lsthem I’ve never cared for Bob Dylan—there’s enough correspondence in off-mentions that I constantly have a feeling of frisson for example, the mentions of Anthony Powell ‘s Dance to the Music of Time novel sequence and W.

I og know honathan much I care about Jonathan Lethem’s fiction, but this collection is a rare sort of thing, and has instantly made Jonathan Lethem a writer I care about, a writer I hence think you should care about, too.

The name of the girl supplies the title of the story: A nicely put together collection. I understand if no one actually does navigate them.


Nov 18, Rebecca Treiman rated it it was ok. Anyway, a couple of good things in here, pop culture riff, the used bookshop, the bit on plaigarism. The result is an insightful, charming, and entertaining grab bag that covers everything from great novels to old films to graffiti to cyberculture. Many features on this website require JavaScript. I did feel I do like these types of books which preport to be more than just a collection of writings by an author in between his novels. I don’t like writing the same review over and over again.

And in general, Wood came off to Lethem in the review as a snob. Readings — From the October issue Radisson confidential. Jul 20, Jillian rated it did not like it.

The Ecstasy of Influence

Thinking before making something, making people to think and letting people to talk these outlooks are where I stand now.

He worked low-paying jobs in bookstores as a clerk; I leveraged my computer knowledge in successively more remunerative jobs that far outpaid what I could get from fiction.

I like to see them get angry or genuinely bubble over with excitement I don’t care to see that every book you read is a highest possible recommendation, but maybe some people are just better than others at picking only winners, Vegas must be great for people with that kind of skillbut that being said I can’t stand reviews that judge other readers for liking something that they don’t like guilty guilty guilty, I judge all the time, but I try to keep an open mind that others can like what they like without blanket accusations, I probably hate some of my own reviews.

Or a decent literary agent? Language, as a vehicle, is a lemon, a hot rod painted with thrilling flames but crazily erratic to drive, riddled with bugs like innate self-consciousness, embedded metaphors and symbols, helpless intertextuality, and so forth.