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The Prophet’s wisdom lies in assuring his followers that their dignity or degradation is proportionate to their sincerity of belief in him, and acting upon the Law that he has given them; anwr master stroke is that the Law such as the Koran is projected as divine and eternal.

It depicts the impetuosity and severity of dominance-urge, which tempts a man to claim Godhead through the medium of revelation, simply because he wants to be worshipped, that is, vy and obeyed by mankind. What kind of God could have tried a man with such an abomination? In theory, it means “surrender to Allah” but in practice, it is a force of self-subjugation to the soil of Arabia and imperiwlism cultural institutions!

The cult of dominance-urge is more visible among the Roman Emperors. Imputing adultery to Aisha, was another most whaikh act of Abdullah bin Ubayy. Abdullah bin Ubayy listened to him quietly and then remarked: This is the reason that Alexander-the Great wanted to be considered and worshipped as God.

She is a woman characterised by modesty and flexing glances; she never looks at any man except her husband, and feels grateful for being his wife. Yet the Muslims call themselves monotheists!


It may be a great vehicle but it cannot budge an inch without fuel, which serves as its driving force. There also grew the tradition of treating pharaoh as God’s image, and it was believed that God addressed him as “my living image on earth”. Reaching his destination, when he told Sa’d bin Obada what had happened, Sa’d replied: Imperialiem, the Jewish God, who is jealous and demands exclusive immperialism and devotion for Himself, has forbidden a Jew to marry a non-Jew; marriage with a gentile is likely shwikh estrange him from Yahwe.

As the cry for morning prayer was raised, and the whole Muslim army knelt in prayer, Abdullah bin Ubayy collected his men and marched back to Medina, leaving the Prophet to face the enemy with his followers.

Therefore, being misguided, they shall be thrown into hell. It should also be remembered that, according to the Muslim scholars, there are some fifty occasions when Omar’s thoughts, opinions and suggestions were confirmed by Allah in His revelations and afterwards formed part of the Koran, yet Muslims insist that this is a book from Allah, who admits no associates in anything He does!

He subsequently adopted the name Anirudh Gyan Shikha. The Prophet’s critics maintain that deserting wives under threat of divorcing them was just a pretext of the Prophet to enjoy the unrestricted company of the young and beautiful Marya. As we have seen earlier, Prophethood is an insult to Godhead. In other projects Wikiquote. Is it not true praising Muhammad is an integral part of their daily prayers?

Think of a motor car in relation to fuel. However, it should also be pointed out that the Koran has blamed the Jews and the Christians for interpolating their Holy Books. More than his body, it was his enfeebled spirit-once used to a tonant life of toils, tussles and tornadoes, that needed heat to restore his tempestuous tempo of existence. Instead of offering himself for the punishment that the Old Testament prescribes for adultery, he felt entitled to carnal indulgence indefinitely.


He was forty years old at that time. Retrieved from ” https: It is not wishful thinking. These displays of nature i.

Anwar Shaikh (critic of Islam)

We gave him wisdom and a sagacious speech Worse still, Arabia did not have plentiful women, and this is what made the Arabs hanker after the feminine gender. How can an imperfect islm represent the Perfect Creator?

In other projects Wikipedia.

Having explained this thesis in my book “Eternity,” I need not go into details here, but must emphasis that Prophet is a person who imposes his own Godhead on innocent people and thus deprives them of their own Divine dignity. The former is the plural form of the verb and the latter is its im;erialism form.

Full text of “ISLAM THE ARAB IMPERIALISM Anwar Shaikh”

As the Prophet becomes politically powerful, he acts as Allah’s co-sovereign because from now on whatever Allah does. It was Prophet, called Moses, who had welded his people into a nation and enthused them with the zeal of racial ideal demanding power, pomp and prestige. Her real name was “Barrah,” which Muhammad changed to Zainab when she became his wife. Equally, honesty demands that my shzikh must be nothing but the whole truth.