Inosanto LaCoste Kali. The backbone of the Filipino empty hand skills are derived from that of the knife. In a knife fight your entire body if utilized, you can kick. While the Magda Institute Kali system is an eclectic blend that draws from many styles of Filipino Martial Arts, it is the systems of Lacoste-Inosanto Kali. Kali/Escrima is a weapons-based art from the Phillipines. The LaCoste- Inosanto blend system, taught to us by Guro Dan Inosanto, is a.

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Fashioning your own sticks from Rattan by Army Maguire. So, I hope I won’t have that “diluted” training. It was Grand Master Largusa who developed the philosophies and theories of the system. LaCoste had 12 categories of instruction and could relate each category to the other, particularly with empty-hand techniques.

If I can get double the class time per week, I ought to be able to advance my learning curve significantly. Whenever I quote, kapi is the mother art”, I’m addressing Robin Padilla.

Inosanto-Lacoste Kali Salutation – LAKAS FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS

I’m looking forward to the response. It didn’t give me any solid foundations When the word came up, he simply just agreed with it, as many Filipinos tend to do like Antonio Ilustrisimobecause inosantk name of their art is incidental. Click for larger pic Been in a Steven Seagal mood.

You would have to be some one like Joel Clark who travels with him every weekend to know all the possibilities. I’ve trained in it for 1. The separation is very clear both technically and oali.


LaCoste was a spiritual man whose personal philosophy was that you could learn from anyone. I am obviously a long way away from that, and I will get there when I get there so no particular hurry.

You are also right to ask “Did he just agree to ‘Kali’ when it was mentioned? Mixing Abeceario and Sumbrada.

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With an eye to closing my participation in this thread, this summary: Pat OMalleyOct 14, In other words, you hit me, I defend and hit you back, you defend and hit me back, etc. Filipino Martial Arts The Filipino Martial Arts is an effective system of self-defense that has been developed and proven on the battlefield in warfare.

Manong Juan LaCoste was Bisaya, they say he was from Cebu, so the fact that he used ‘Kali’ for his art is very interesting. But this is frequent problem with mali types of organizations. Training in the Giron system commemorates the Filipino forefathers who were forced to practice the art in secrecy by the Spanish regime.

Please check out this Steven Seagal movie I now return to other things.

Are You Interested in Kali Systems?

Is there any evidence within a span of 50 to years that these terms preceed Kali the mother art? Site Under Construction Slowly but surely I’ve implemented changes to the site’s look and kwli. The one knosanto you should not look for is concrete answers to these questions. But, no groups use Kali atleast none you can come up with.


I’m sure you have not iced the changes. I merely defend myself and my teacher from insults in the guise of disagreement.

The episode was titled: I am a highly unreliable conduit of knowledge in these matters. My Personal Experience translated by Scott Meredith. However, it would still be of interest to me to understand how the structure and process works within the Inosanto organization. I also continue not being a historian. Then, it is my understanding that there are various levels at each instructor rank such as “Associate Instructor 2” or “Full Instructor 4”. I am prepared to go against you even if your skill is superior to mine.

It was out of this diverse training that he came to laocste the world Kali with Guro Inosanto.

Lacoste went to California in the early part of the s, s, as many young Filipinos did when the Philippines became an American commonwealth. Your name or email address: I also continue to seek to persuade no one.

The opportunity here locally for me is at one of Inosanto’s sister schools where he frequents often. Have you bothered to go back in the thread as I suggested so that you may have the proper context for my remarks, and thus for the remarks of Guro Inosanto?