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There are three locked doors on this level behind Kaylessa which house a multitude of foul beasts that are locked behind in the rooms dalee. You can talk to her about it, ocewind it always ends the same: I suggest if you are having trouble piecing the tower together, to check the Online Maps I have created and marked in detail so you are able to move around freely. But first, unlock the door.

He can also give you a few details about the Kuldahar painting upstairs – mainly the rooms and areas that it can take you to. On your way, you will bump into a few elven spirits by the name of Telanis, Lethias and Sehriya who can fill you in on what happened during the last few minutes of the towers fall.

You may have begun to put two and two together at this point. For many years did the tower stand in all dae its magical glory, a wondrous creation by the work efforts of all who lived within. Latest Releases Buy Baldur’s Gate 2: Abishai Hide Armour Rank Four: In this chapter you will find answers to questions that may arise during the game.

They will also be joined by Burning Skeletons, who have the ability to launch fireball attacks at the tightly grouped party and it best to keep a close eye out for these as they linger in the distance waiting for the chance to strike!


Barrows Deep is a complete solution with many guidelines that will help you pass through the next bard’s story.

Each level shown is level 5 of their respected tower, each marked from A to D respectively and they will always be in the same place on the levels to follow for easy understanding as they appeared on The Severed Hand LVL 4. Long shadows and darkened hallways await your exploration along with walking, dead reminders of those who died in the long battles. sooucja

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Haeravon – GameFAQs

You will find out, among other things, how specific in-game systems work like combat or dialogue. Not only will you be able to clear out your inventory, but you can also help Zack with his investigation of the Ice Temple xp.

Please read our Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer. If you’d like to show your appreciation for our hard work on the ddale, and help us pay the bills the site generates every month, please consider helping support SP. The Club of Disruption that you win at Rank 6 is invaluable in destroying the demon before they can do this.

Circular in nature is this level, the top level of the base part of The Severed Handbut it is on this level that four separate towers branch off from the base and soar into the sky above.

There are two containers here as well: I found the Goblin Archers pretty tough and don’t let the name “Goblin” fool you either for they strike true with their bow and arrows, so get close and get there quick.

He will offer you one of three things: However, it’s not really needed. Even though the Lizardmen perished, they still dropped the health of the Elves as well as a few priests before I opened the door again to have my fighters finish them off. Open and head inside. Here you will find tips about the most important elements of the game, such as character creation and development, skills available for each character class archetypeexploration and item dqle.


So, if you need level two of a rank, the fourth square you claim must be the one that ends the game; the last square you earn must always be the one that dolucja the line of three squares. You will ssolucja to return and speak with Denaini for your reward, but I suggest finishing off the tower before doing so and head to the 8th level. That’s why it’s worth rethinking your decision.

When you choose this response, the stairs will transport you to the room with the frozen door and the tree branch stuck in the lock just north east of the zolucja chamber. The majority of the battle will take place in the central circular room and my tactic was very simple as I had one PC open the door just as my mage was finished casting his Monster Summoning II, which placed about Lizard Men around the Elves inside and then quickly closed the door to let them all do battle.

The Bard’s Tale 4 Game Guide

icwind There are five exits from this level and if you need help knowing where they all are, check The Severed Hand LVL 3 Enlarged Map for more details as to what will take you where. It would seem that this is now functioning. They’ve been haunting this solkcja far too long. Finally, you may also choose to give him back his ring xp. In addition, the door to the altar room will close and a wind storm will be released that can also cause some damage.