We are pleased to announce a new build of Harbour MiniGUI Extended Edition. HMG_HPDF (synchronized with Official HMG and recent. HMG is a xBase development system based on Harbour compiler, HMG Web Site HARBOUR MINIGUI SOURCE WITH HMGS-IDE (IDE. HARBOUR MINIGUI SOURCE WITH HMGS-IDE (IDE VISUAL TO MAKE HMG is a xBase development system based on Harbour compiler.

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MiniGUI | Viva Clipper !

I let to the readers criteria the theories about the motivations of that people. Also, test program TestGDL.

To achieve this objective, I have created a “learning project” called ePortfolio. Denotes addition methods to an existing GUI control: Hmy growing brings other problems too. Harbour is in Beta 1, extremely solid and efficient. The most serious were the discrepancies about technical issues related with the project direction.

At that moment, only an experiment whose target for me was research about Harbour-C interface. If we minigiu in the xBase world is because this is that we want or must want. The guide contains several sections which focus on the step-by-step development of each of the main features of the program with each chapter explaining all of the computer code used. This site uses cookies.



March 03, here. Menu Skip to content.

Home Section 1 Chapter 1: User Defined Functions Chapter 8: So, HexView is considerably slow on large files, please be patient.

The intention of this guide is to introduce readers with no previous experience of computer programming, as well as those with previous experience of any computer language based on the xBase language such as Clipperto develop the skills necessary to create computer programs that can run on any Microsoft Windows based computer.

Not quite … Main difference is allowing file s and folder s selection together. MiniGUI had never existed without its users and contributors and is to them as every year my endless gratitude.

Advanced Data Types Contact. First Steps Chapter 2: This article borrowed by courtesy of author. It is simply an alternative, and as such, we have right to grant its existence. Regarding MiniGUI, is extremely stable and reliable too. Using a Button Chapter 6: This is a experimental project with first intend of point out the power of Harbour and HMG. Download source only here.

Produces a message that say program execution point and backward calling sequence; for debugging purposes. There is a lot to do, but I can say with satisfaction that my old dream, a Clipper for Windows free and easy to use, has been reached. The Launch Program Chapter 3: A lot of people were interested in the Project and from the beginning collaborated with me in many ways.


Some contributors were not coinciding with my vision of that. By continuing kinigui use this website, you agree to their use. Rathinagiri for GridPrint Features: Standard Data Types Chapter Some people, began hmy aggressive campaign of lies, pointing not only technical aspects of Harbour and MiniGUI, monigui personal issues, targeted to create false conflicts in the discussion groups.

Regarding the future, It could not be better. Programming Essentials Chapter To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Today there are two alternative MiniGUI versions besides mine.

Acting on User Responses Chapter 7: Adding Labels Chapter 4: Additional sections will act as a reference by introducing and explaining key concepts, capabilities and features of hng Habour programming language which are the “building blocks” of almost all computer programming languages.

Display a Button Chapter 5: