Selections from the “Historia rerum anglicarum” of William of Newburgh, by Charles Johnson, M. A. by William, of Newburgh, ?;. He is famous for composing the Historia rerum Anglicarum between and The Historia is composed of three books. The first book covers the period. William of Newburgh or Newbury also known as William Parvus, was a 12th- century English William’s major work was Historia rerum Anglicarum or Historia de rebus anglicis (“History of English Affairs”), a history of England from to.

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On entering Hungary, having conciliated the king of that country so as to afford them supplies of Provisions, they passed the Danube, and, proceeding through Thrace with abundant provision for their march, they arrived safely at the city of Constantinople. Reeum men, not meanly instructed, and fervent in spirit, went through towns and villages, sowing, according to Isaiah, beside all waters, and, from the conversion of numbers, gathered abundant fruit; it being piously determined among them, that Robert should direct his attention more especially to the women who had been converted to a better life by their common labor, while Bernard and Vitalis should take greater concern for the men.


Historia rerum Anglicarum

In the reign of William the younger, he was an indigent priest, living by his office, as it is said, in the suburbs of Caen. On the completion of his victory — as he abominated the name of an usurper, and was anxious to assume the character of a legitimate sovereign — he commanded Stigand, at that time archbishop of Canterbury, to consecrate him king in due form.

Moreover, no one but a person ignorant of ancient history, when he meets with that reruk which he calls the History of the Britons, can for a moment doubt how impertinently and impudently he falsifies in every respect.

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William of Newburgh – Wikipedia

In consequence of this, some of the nobility inclined to Robert, as the lawful heir, who was unjustly histroia, and thus they disturbed the tranquillity of the kingdom. Thus, while matters were conducted valiantly and prosperously by our own princes in the East, the king, hurried on to his own destruction by his vices, met with an end suitable to his unbridled pride.


Two also of his most savage adherents, one the commander of the cavalry, and the other of the foot, are said to have perished by different accidents: His arrival becoming known, such as had all along favored his mother, eagerly flocked to him. William of Newburgh, Historia rerum Anglicarumed. This battle was, by the assistance of God, successfully fought against the Scots, in the month of August, in the fourth year of the reign of king Stephen.

I learn, moreover, from credible relation, that a remarkable occurrence took place at his funeral. Thus Henry, by uniting the duchy of Normandy to the kingdom of England, as his father had formerly united the kingdom of England to the duchy of Normandy, obtained a great and noble name among the mighty ones of the reruum.

When looking at annglicarum fact that Newburgh did not attempt to explain the majority of the supernatural stories he included within the Historia, reruum again bolsters his reliability as it means that story has been preserved closer to its original form allowing us to be able to analyse as close to the original story as possible, and again gives us a valuable insight into society during this period.

William of Newburgh: Book One

Click here to sign up. Joseph, The Trivium the liberal arts of logic, grammar, and rhetoric: I believe, however, that Newburgh did not simply reiterate what Devizes recorded, as both these characteristics which were mirrored in both chroniclers works, were not unusual ones for English clergy men to have during this time period. Still, however, though inferior in numbers and equipment, yet excelling in courage alone, and aware that, such a distance from home, there could be no place of refuge in a hostile country, they rushed undauntedly to the conflict.

Regardless of this however, Seneca and Quintilian believed that if a few well-placed lies could keep the reader entertained, this helped to preserve historical narrative. The French indeed, pined with envy, but were unable to arrest the duke’s progress.

Historia rerum Anglicarum | work by William of Newburgh |

Department of History, Lancaster University Disclaimer: Stevenson, Llanerch,p. First, he makes him triumph, at pleasure, over Angles, Picts, and Scots; then, he subdues Ireland, the Orkneys, Gothland, Norway, Denmark, partly by war, partly by the single terror of his name. While he says that these have an apparent signification, he does not explain what that meaning might be: The emperor departed some days previously, attended by very large bodies of Italians, Germans, and other nations.


Reurm would be strange if such things should have happened formerly, since we can find no evidence of them in the works of ancient authors, who vast labour it was to commit to writing every occurrence worthy of memory; for if they never neglected to register even events of moderate interest, how could they have supressed a fact at once so amazing and horrible, supposing it to have happened in their day? Thus, whilst his abandoned partisans — given up to a reprobate mind — were in nowise terrified at such a tremendous omen, the wretch himself — amidst the thickest of his troops — histpria a fortress of the enemy, was struck on the head with an arrow by a common foot-soldier.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. By the mediation of their friends, piously and prudently providing for the public good, a peace was cautiously made, and firmly established between them.

From the same person, too, I have learnt that his surrounding friends were chiefly led to the idea that he had drank something poisonous, from his teeth, which had before been white, ang,icarum black in his last agony; but this is ridiculed by the physicians, because the teeth of a dying person always assume that tinge. Share your thoughts with other customers. English Choose a language for shopping.

On his proceeding into the town, without the least hesitation, he encountered no sinister omen, as that idle tradition had portended would be the case; but after having solemnized his coronation, he retired from it, after a few days, with joy.

Then, with a wider license of fabrication, he brings all the kings of the world in league with the Romans against him; that is to say, the kings of Greece, Africa, Spain, Parthia, Media, Iturea, Libya, Egypt, Babylon, Bithynia, Phrygia, Syria, Boeotia, and Crete, and he relates that all of them were conquered by him in a single battle; whereas, even Alexander the Great, renowned throughout all ages, was engaged for twelve years in vanquishing only a few of the potentates of these mighty kingdoms.

Thus Henry reigned, with great felicity and glory, thirty-five years and some months, at the expiration of which he slept with his fathers.