Facts About. Indian heliotrope is native to Asia and invasive in parts of the United States. Its distribution just barely includes New England, collections having. Nov 19, H. indicum is common in tropical countries, being a major weed of sugarcane in Indonesia and the Philippines (Holm et al., ) and of maize. Descriptions and articles about the Indian Heliotrope, scientifically known as Heliotropium indicum in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehen .

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However, the applications in cancer therapy are limited by the toxic effects, in particular the hepatotoxic effect, of the pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Chemistry and Industry Heliotropium indicum Heliotropium indicum x – 45k – jpg www. Heliotropium is of special interest in eastern and northern East Africa as it is associated with the initial swarming areas of migratory locusts Locusta migratoria.

Indian Farming, 19 3: Title Seedling Caption Six-leaf seedling. Phytosociological investigation of the rice field weeds of Duliajan Assam. heliotropiim

This plant has a phenomenally wide invasive range, being found throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world as well as in many temperate areas. Labrada, ; Holm et al.


Heliotropium indicum Heliotropium indicum. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Indcium pastures it can cause fatal poisoning in cattle. A taxonomic revision of Heliotropium Boraginaceae in Australia.

Heliotropium indicum

Likewise butterflies are often associated with Heliotropium as they require certain pyrrolizidine alkaloids as precursor for their pheromones. Prostate infections are treated with a decoction made from a mixture with other plants. External application to promote wound healing and to fight infections seems less hazardous, but more research is needed.

Lazarides M; Hince B, eds. Leaves alternate or opposite, simple; stipules absent; petiole heliotrppium cm long; blade ovate to elliptical, 1.

Tipografia y Litografia Central. A review of plants of northern Sudan with special reference to their uses.

Saikia and Sarma, We depend on donations to help keep this site free and up to date for you. Seedling with epigeal germination; cotyledons leafy, rounded. In Venezuela, it is a common weed of sugarcane in Aragua and Portuguese states Rincones, of sesame Sesamum indicum Prieto and Leon, and of several other crops Anzola, The name suggests an Asiatic origin, and some sources for example, Holm et al.


Home Remedies from Philippine Medicinal Plants. The lower surface of the leaf is pubescent, acute or acuminate, margin with shallow undulating teeth, the base narrowing and extending down along the petiole to form wings on both sides.

National list of invasive and potentially invasive plants in the Republic of Cuba – Plantas Infestantes e Nocivas, Volume 2. More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: For medicinal ondicum Heliotropium indicum is exclusively collected from the wild. Heliotropium indicum plant habit CopyLeft EcoPort.

Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Heliotropium indicum

Indian Journal of Forestry, 19 1: The species is distributed widely throughout the world’s tropical regions, and it has proved difficult to establish its precise origin, although South and Central America seem most likely. Gray’s Manual of Botany. There are 20 citations helitoropium Afrirefs related to Heliotropium indicum L.

Australian Systematic Botany, 9 4: Media related to Heliotropium indicum at Wikimedia Commons.