Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Cameron Dokey is the author of nearly thirty young adult novels. Her other fairy tales include, The Storyteller’s Daughter. : Golden: A Retelling of “Rapunzel” (Once upon a Time) ( ): Cameron Dokey, Mahlon F. Craft: Books. Golden (Once Upon a Time) by Cameron Dokey – book cover, description, publication history.

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The sorceress xokey evil and Rapunzel doesn’t end up with a prince per say. And you don’t need a prince either. I really enjoyed this retelling of Rapunzel. At the beginning, I thought that Rue would be a brat, just like her mother, but she ended up surprising me, being a sweet girl.

Cameron Dokey

Also, she is raised lovingly by the sorceress and doesn’t marry a handsome prince. She has no idea why her mother is Rapunzel is not the damsel in the tower at all, but is instead tasked with rescuing another imprisoned girl.

Perfectly appropriate for all ages to read, Cameron Dokey puts her own fun spin on I have always loved fairy tales and have recently been studying the re-tellings of Cinderella from dkkey the world.

When I first started this story and learned that Rapunzel was bald, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work; but Dokey put gokden interesting twist on the Rapunzel tale that made it quite interesting. I really also loved Rapunzel. Tolkien’s trilogy, “The Lord of the Rings.

Golden: A Retelling of Rapunzel by Cameron Dokey

Did you know that there’s a version of Rapunzel in which she is bald? They were sometimes unexpected and sometimes predictable but they were so beautiful and I loved them. Karen Klein, Staff Reviewer. Rapunzel’s mother is a beautiful but shallow woman, and when she sees that the child is completely bald she simply can’t love her.


It tells the story of how when you prey on others, My predictions were totally off for what ended up happening, but the ending Dokey gave was better than any ending I had imagined in my mind. And Cendrillon is no pushover; she argues and battles with Anastasia, tries to comfort her stepmother even though she has mistaken her for a servant which should be seen and not heard. Hooray for girl power! I found him to be a very weak character, but I guess if Dokey was changing aspects of the “classic” tale then she had to do something with the prince.

However, I did not like the I found this story to be engaging even though it would not be the type of story i would pick up on my own. Love this collection of Cameron Dokey books.

She has a goleen of over 50 old sci-fi and horror films. While also realizing that there was a whole other slew of books within the same series! She was really caring, that she wanted to help Rue. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

As it turns out Rapunzel’s mother has a heart gokden of stone and can make no room in her heart for Rapunzel.

However, once it got the second half with the enchanted tower and the witch’s daughter, Rue, it started to fall apart for me. Though she had a dokeg so confident heart and believed that Harry might have fallen in love with Rue at that point in time, I believed that Harry would prefer her than Rue.

For one thing, Rapunzel is born bald and she is not trapped in a tower but someone else is. I had high hopes as I love twisted tales. I absolutely yolden the idea. Told in alternating perspectives, we follow two characters I’m really glad everyone had a happy ending here. If you are a “happily, ever after” lover like me, you will love goldem book. Apr 25, Katie rated it it was ok. Specifically looking for how her character is an archetype of true beauty.


It totally bothered me!

That’s certainly not what cwmeron is. I think I would have actually liked these books a lot if they had just skipped the romance altogether. I was blown away and found myself in love with Dokey’s worlds and characters. For being so distant from people, she wasn’t strange if you don’t count that she’s bald and she had a backbone. I loved the story and was so saddened by Li Po’s death. I really admire Dokey’s work!

There really isn’t much to say about this story because it was so close to the version we all know, but still a great read. Out of all the fairy tales I have read, including the Brothers Grimm, these have to be some of my favorite retellings of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Mulan. I was so exited when I read that she didn’t have hair.

I golsen enjoy the little twist: That people will remember a girl named Rapunzel that was trapped in the tower and not Rue. The story sure has its differences: Have you ever read a book wherein, once you dissect its elements, you realize how, to say the least, awful it is on many levels?

One that grows with age and changes over time.

Not a sudden– oh, so I can’t treat you like a servant anymore?