Gocycle GS – Owner’s Manual (EN) – English. Tom. 4 months ago; Updated. Follow. Download the latest Gocycle GS Owner’s Manual. Gocycle GS Owners. Technical Bulletins, Owner’s Manuals and Documentation. GreenMiles is your Official Gocycle Partner for the Benelux. To meet the growing demand for mobility in and between urban areas, GreenMiles is convinced that.

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The following important information applies to your Gocycle lithium battery. Page 55 LEDs on the dash. Take Care during Assembly Insert the 4mm Allen key into the stud and turn clockwise to reduce the cam lever free play and anticlockwise to increase cam lever free play.

Battery Pack Disposal Manuxl your Gocycle lithium battery has reached the end of its service life, you must recycle or dispose of it properly: Do not release the brakes until it is safe to manuql so.

However, it is important that your Gocycle is dry before storage. Heat And Over-temperature Protection Wet conditions: The motor will continue to operate while the red button is pressed and the pedals are rotating. The closing resistance should act over the remaining 60 degrees of movement till it is firmly shut in the correct location. The battery level is displayed on the built-in bike dashboard display. If brake fluid does come into contact with painted surfaces, wipe the surface immediately and clean with an isopropyl alcohol.

Gocycle Registration Gocycle since new. Warranty Warranty Registration For your continued satisfaction and safety whilst riding your Gocycle, we strongly encourage you to register your Gocycle with us. Adjusting The Brakes As with all hydraulic brakes, for the best possible performance, we recommend that the hydraulic brakes on your Gocycle are bled every 12 months.


Mnaual braking performance of new brake pads will increase over time. In the event of an accident and if manuall to do so put your battery into sleep mode.

Gocycle G3 Owner’s Manual

Don’t have an account? Front and Rear Reflectors Stopping the Gocycle The Gocycle is equipped with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes, operated by two levers on the handlebars shown.

Replace the split pin to secure the brake pads in position. From time to time, we need to make you aware of important announcements regarding the correct maintenance and servicing of your Gocycle. It is recommended that the battery is completely discharged accidentally.

This is to ensure your Gocycle is safe to ride and operating at peak performance. Don’t show me this message again. DOT 4 brake fluids will strip paint. How do I know if the battery is fully charged? All riding modes will default to Gocyclr Save mode when a low battery level is reached.

Diagnosis Modes Your Gocycle is pre-programmed with a number of modes to assist in fault diagnosis, should an issue occur. When the Gocycle stops and after a short amount of time of inactivity, the DRL will turn off. Cleaning and Preventing Corrosion We do not recommend that you ride your Gocycle in heavy rain or store it in damp or wet areas. Place the Gocycle in a cycle stand, so the rear wheel and pedal cranks are free to turn. With the battery fully charged and the charger disconnected, turn the battery off by placing it into Sleep Mode.

As per the pre-ride checks there must be a maximum of 10mm free play measured at the tip of the cam lever when open. How do I find out how much charge is left in the battery? Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. If the battery is not in Operation Mode, the Gocycle will not function, the gears will not shift and the motor will not work.


Note the correct direction of the tread of the Gocycle tyre in relation to the wheels see figure below. During and shortly after use, the motor area highlighted will be hot to touch! The charge value corresponds to W equal to burning a light bulb 2.

Apply pressure onto the right hand side of the Snap Rail Tool Holder B until this side is properly located onto the right saddle rail. Do I need to fully recharge the battery before charging? Gocycle is a British product, designed with British weather in mind. Charge time up to 7 hours The battery charge level is displayed on the Gocycle dashboard. Rotate so that one of the holes in the clock nut Where can I buy a new battery? The battery will enter Sleep Mode automatically if not in use for 5 hours.

A city atmosphere can be a corrosive environment made worse with high humidity. Disclaimer, Copyrights And Trademarks Karbon Kinetics Ltd accepts no responsibility for any errors or misinterpretation of information as a result of such translation. How does cold weather affect battery performance? What is the battery life?


Do not leave the Gocycle on charge for more than 24 hours. Tyres When changing a tyre, always use plastic tyre levers. How do I register the Gocycle and gain normal operation?

Lift the front wheel so that is it off the ground. Keep 2 cam levers in the closed position and open gocydle cam lever fully so that the back edge touches the next closed cam lever.