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So gensral if a Brother should be a Rebel against the State, he is not to be countenanc’d in his Rebellion, however he may be pitied as an unhappy man; and, if convicted of no other Crime, though the loyal Brotherhood must and ought to disown his Rebellion, and give no Umbrage or Ground of political Jealousy to the Government for the time being; they cannot expel him from the Lodge and his Relation to it remains indefeasible.

Their number may be estimated at two-thirds of that of the active Masons.

The suppression of the order with the story of the Grand Master James Molay and its pretended revival in Masonry, reproduced in the Hiram legend, representing the fall and the resurrection of the just or the suppression and the restoration of the natural rights of man, fitted in admirably with both Christian and revolutionary high grade systems.

Only nobles being then reputed admissible in good society as fully qualified members, the Masonic gentlemen’s society was interpreted as society of Gentilshommes, i. They are also called “York Masons” with reference, not to the ephemeral Grand Lodge of all England in York, mentioned in and revived inbut to the pretended first Grand Lodge of England assembled in at York. Then there is the great class who join it out of curiosity or perhaps, because somebody in a position above them is a mason.

The “3 articles of Noah” are most probably “the duties towards God, the neighbour and himself” inculcated from older times in the “Charge to a newly made Brother”.

The General Ahiman Rezon & Freemason’s Guide – Daniel Sickels – ebook – Legimi online

The Pillars Of The Porch. A Mason is obliged eezon his Tenure, to obey the moral law: Like the Royal Society, of which a large and most influential proportion of the first Freemasons were members [36] Masonry professes the empiric or “positivist” geometrical method of reason and deduction in the investigation of truth.

As to the “History” Anderson himself remarks in the preface This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat Fundamental Principles And Spirit Iv. The said practice of ahimaan assistance is so reprehensible that Masonic authors themselves [86] condemn it severely. Marbach 23″Freemasonry really could be an association and even a secret one of generxl of the most different ranks of society, assisting and advancing each other, it would be an iniquitous association, and the police would have no more urgent duty than to exterminate it.


General Ahiman Rezon

The texts of and of the fundamental law concerning Atheism are purposely ambiguous. The modern signification of Freemasonry in which, since aboutthe word has been universally and exclusively understood, dates only from the constitution of the Grand Lodge of England, On the decline of Gothic architecture this craft coalesced with the mason guilds.

In ancient times the masons were charged to comply with the Christian usages of each country where they travelled or worked; but Masonry being found in all nations, even of diverse religions, they are now generally charged to adhere to that religion, in which all men agree, leaving each Brother his own particular opinionthat is, to be good men and true, men of honour and honesty, by whatever names, religions or persuasions they may be distinguished; for they all agree in the three great articles of Noah, enough to preserve the cement of the lodge.

Many lodges have a Chaplain for religious ceremonies and addresses.

The pretended association of Masonry with the orders of rezom warlike knights and of the religious was far more acceptable than the idea of development out of stone-cutters’ guilds. To meet the needs of different countries and classes of society, the original system underwent more or less profound modifications. Incessant dissensions between Masonic systems and bodies are characteristic of Freemasonry in all countries and times.

The formation of the Ancient Grand Lodge brought together lodges and Masons who, believing themselves to be part of an older, original Masonic tradition, had chosen not to ally themselves with the previously formed Moderns Grand Lodge of The designation of the said “unsectarian” religion as the “ancient catholick” betrays the attempt to oppose this religion of “Humanity” to the Roman Catholic as the only true, genuine, and originally Catholic.

Charge To The Candidate. By the time the Ancients and Moderns united ineight editions had been published. There are besides many unaffiliated Masons having ceased to be members of a lodge who are not included.

Several lodges were chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. The new lodges began as convivial societies, and their characteristic Masonic spirit developed but slowly. John in Jerusalem” during the Crusades; and the “old lodges of Scotland” were said to have preserved this genuine Masonry, lost by the English.


This “universal religion of Humanity” which gradually removes the accidental divisions of mankind due to particular opinions “or religious”, national, and social “prejudices”, is to be the bond of union among men in the Masonic society, conceived as the model of human association in general. An American Grand Orator Zabriskie Arizona on 13 November,proclaimed, that “individual members may believe in many gods, if their conscience and judgment so dictate”. Inner work of Freemasonry — Masonic symbolism and oaths “From first to last”, says Pike [] “Masonry is work”.

The English Grand Lodge, it is true, in its quarterly communication of 6 March, [44] adopted four resolutions, in which belief in the Great Architect of the Universe is declared to be the most important ancient landmark of the order, and an explicit profession of that belief is required of visiting brethren belonging to the Grand Orient of France, as a condition for entrance into the English lodges.

The Mason is called a “true Noahida”, i. These measures called out solemn protests from nearly all the Anglo-American and German organs and led to a rupture between the Anglo-American Grand Lodges and the Grand Orient of France. They have wealth but neither by birth nor education are they eligible for polite and fine intercourse. Service In The Lodge-Room.

Generao to unity, Masonic authorities unanimously affirm that Freemasonry throughout the world is one, and that all Freemasons form in reality but one lodge; that distinct lodges exist only for the sake of convenience, and that consequently every regular Mason is entitled to be received in every regular lodge of the world as a brother, and, if in distress, to be relieved. It was further decreed “there shall be the most perfect unity of obligation of discipline, or working.

The three degree genera, first practised aboutbecame universal and official only after Retrieved from ” https: The lodge is to be a type of the world [] and Masons are intended to take part in the regeneration of the human race.