The Garuda Purana, by Ernest Wood and S.V. Subrahmanyam, [], full text etext at PUNISHMENTS ACCCORDING TO GARUDA ment given in Naraka Thamisra Andhathamisra Rourava Maharourava Kumbipaka Kalasuthira . Garud Purana is the text based on the conversation of Lord Vishnu (Shree Hari) and his vahan Garud. Garud ask lord about the punishment for bad deed.

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All these evolve thence into the human condition; having come back from hell they are born in the human kingdom amongst low outcastes, and even there, by the stains of sin, become very miserable. There is nothing but the flesh of dogs for food. If they run about under the flogging, they will trip over the stones and thorns, to fall on their faces. We do not have the right to take the life which we did not create. Add to Spiritual Diary.

They are again restored to life and the punishment is repeated till the end of their time. After throwing them in this hell, sinners are tortured with fire, poison and various weapons. Thus all the while they remain discomfortable in heaven.

When suicide will just lead to a worse stage than the one you already have? More From Jeevan mantra. Auspicious for These Moon Signs.

28 Punishments for OUR SINS — GARUDA PURANA

All the living beings they killed before would agruda there and they will join together to attacking, biting, and mauling the sinners. One should be, therefore, very cautious to guard wealth in the form of his body and perform good actions. Deniers, those who break the laws of morality, the avaricious, those attached to sense-objects, hypocrites, the ungrateful,–these certainly go to hell.

Who cut down and destroy big trees, gardens and forests; who neglect vows and pilgrimages, who destroy the chastity of widows. An Account of the Signs of Sins.


No sraddha or water oblations are made to a person that has committed suicide. He suffers in eng,ish and old age as well. There is a lot more ritual before that. Jupiter moves to Scorpio till Novemberknow its effects on your life! Rulers who neglect their duties and oppress their subjects by misrule, are punished in this hell. How to perform Janmashtami Puja.

Garuda which is a part of eighteen Puranas of Hindu body texts called as Smriti principally stresses on the reason and meaning of human life exploring the conversation of Lord Vishnu and Garuda King of Birds.

Subrahmanyam, [], at sacred-texts.

Only in a human body can one realize Parabrahma. By order of Yama they return to the earth and become unmoving and other creatures:. Please listen to me, I shall tell you in detail.

28 Deadly Punishments Mentioned in Garuda Puran Which Are Likely to be Held after Death

Heaven or hell is not a permanent abode, this you should know, O best of birds. Here, after thousands of crores of births a creature obtains human form only sometime due to the aggregate of virtue.

Here the servants of Yama, gather around the sinners and cut them limb to limb while subjecting them to constant insult. Garuda Purana, the sacred manuscript of Hindu religion briefs about the life after death of humans. Garuda Purana pg 35 II.

Those who do not honour their Guests and make use of men or women only for their own gain, are thrown into this Naraka. Shiva Sahasranama for all problems in life. Once their bodies are completely eaten up, the sinners are provided with new bodies, which are also eaten up in the above manner. There are hurled from a great height and they are utterly smashed into dust when they reached the ground.

Arya 3, 17 Having obtained a rare human form he should endeavour for moksa. Vishnu tells Garuda one should not waste it. Those who, through malignity, commit transgression at the time of conception, with women who have no other refuge,these certainly go to hell. All other times, like love-failure, exam-failure, marriage-failure etc. From hell he descends to the earth to suffer again the utmost pangs of birth and death.


28 Deadly Punishments Mentioned in Garuda Puran Which Are Likely to be Held after Death

Those who consume alcohol and other intoxicating drinks are sent here. This continues, till the end of their term of punishment. What about those who are the reason for someone’s suicide The woman who despises her husband and thinks about another,–such and others at the silk-cotton tree experience much beating. They will be eaten alive by this beasts.

Those who obstruct roads with posts, with mounds, with timber, with stones or with thorns,–these certainly go to hell. This is the Naraka for lustful men.

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In every birth he takes he will become extremely indigent, sick, devoid of progeny and cattle and he may not get proper livelihood either. Who takes away what he gave; who repents of his gifts: A Line That Inspires You. Body is useful for Dharma, Dharma in knowledge, knowledge for meditation and meditation for immediate release. One who denies food to a hungry person and abuses him is thrown here. Here, they are made to embrace iron images full of sharp diamond needles that pierce through their bodies.

As of suffering, even heaven and hell provide no comfort and a person is bound in the cycle of life.

In heaven or hell he reaps the fruits of his activities.