FTTX Concepts and Applications [Gerd Keiser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book presents fundamental passive optical network. This book presents fundamental passive optical network (PON)concepts, providing you with the tools needed to understand,design, and build. FTTX concepts and applications / by Gerd Keiser. p. cm. — (Wiley series in telecommunications and signal processing) “A Wiley-Interscience publication.

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The stan- dards organizations that deal with PON implementation schemes are introduced in Section 6.

The service priority is given in terms of assignable bandwidth, ranging from high to low priority, as Figure 7. Neamen, Semiconductor Physics and Devices, 3rd ed. They have a low overhead, high coding gain, and can correct bursts of errors.

FTTX Concepts and Applications

In contrast, an ONT needs to have its own external electric power supply. Up to 32 distribution branches leave the splitter and interface to ONTs. The logical sequenceof topics begins with the underlying principles and components ofoptical fiber communication technologies used in access networks.

First, installing the power supply is easy and quick since it can be located next to the ONT, and typ- ically, the electric power outlet is close by. Wavelength multiplexers for CWDM applications have less rttx perform- ance demands than DWDM has for certain parameters, such as center wavelength stability tolerance, its change with temperature, and the spectral passband sharpness.

Here the signal is attenu- ated by 14 dB between points 1 and concepta. A polyvinyl chloride PVC outer jacket then encapsulates the entire structure. Then rays verd the accept- ance cone shown in Figure 2. Available bit rate ABR. Upstream BPON frame format for a To understand some of the terminology used for a TFF, let us look at some basic etalon theory. Typically, these two paths do not overlap at any point, so that a cable cut would Working fiber Traffic Traffic source destination destination Protection fiber Figure 9.


Since the ranging procedure has a limited accuracy, a guard time is placed between consecutive bursts from the ONTs to kdiser collisions of the independent packets. The ATM equipment at the destination reassembles the cell payloads into the original data packet format.

In this case, as shown in Figure 6.

Wiley-IEEE Press: FTTX Concepts and Applications – Gerd Keiser

In a semiconductor-based device the laser action takes place within a region called the gain medium or laser cavity. Axial offset reduces the common core area of two fiber end faces. That is, the photocurrent Ip is directly proportional to the optical power P0 incident on the photodetector.

The access network is the topic of interest for PON applications. Basic architecture of a typical PON. For general information on our other products and services or for technical support, please contact our Customer Care Department within the United States atoutside the United States at or fax Designs of power dividers with other gerc ratios are also possible, depending on the application.

For a monthly fee, the networks owned by the telecom- munication carriers provide services such as leased lines or getd telephone con- nections to other users and to enterprises at large. Real-time variable bit rate rt-VBR. This ensures that the appliactions never stops running known as zero downtime interruption when performing online maintenance.

Among the acronyms shown here and gere in the technical and commercial literature are the following: In conjunction with the OLT, an ONT allows dynamic bandwidth allocation to enable smooth delivery of data traffic that typically arrives in bursts from the users.

The recommendation addresses systems with nominal symmetrical line rates of The PCB section contains the physical layer overhead information used to control and manage the network. CBR supports real-time applications such as voice, videoconferencing and video distribution, interactive multimedia, and circuit emulation.


Fundamental building blocks of keissr PON. This is the topic of Section 4. External to the device, these ribbons are fanned out, and low-loss connectors, such as the SC or LC types, can be attached.

His popular books have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, and Italian. The ATM protocol has a set of quality-of-service Concpts attributes that are associ- ated with the performance of a network connection.

(Gerd keiser) fttx concepts and applications | kevin jaldin –

Bending losses depend on wavelength and are greater at longer wavelengths. As we describe in more detail in Appendix D, a CRC is a polynomial code that is based on a binomial division process. A basic PON design accommodates this through the selection of wavelengths at, and nm. These technologies are competitors of passive optical networks PONs and high-speed point-to-point popularly called P2P access links, which are the topic of this book.

Since an EPON uses a shared transmission medium, an essential network function is to have orderly and efficient traffic control. References to this book Passive Optical Networks: Since the decibel is used to refer to ratios or relative units, it gives no indication of the absolute power level. A convenient method for establishing a measure of attenuation is to reference the signal level to some absolute power value e.

Basic concept of wavelength-division multiplexing. The distance between adjacent peaks is called the spectral free range FSR.

This is the optical power necessary to produce a photocurrent equal to the total noise current, or equivalently, to yield a SNR of 1. Such receivers kekser are incorporated into standard com- mercially available OLT equipment.