This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Physical Fitness Training . Injuries, Chapter Army Physical Fitness Test. Appendix. Appendix A. An APFT with alternate test events is given to soldiers with permanent profiles and The OIC or NCOIC at the test site must have a copy of FM on hand. FM PHYSICAL FITNESS TRAINING CHAPTER 14 – ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST *This publication supersedes FM , 28 August

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Take, may distort the for example, the following case shown in Figure You will have two minutes in which to do as many push-ups as you can.

United States Army Physical Fitness Test

The standards for alternate events are listed in Figure Safety, control, and medical personnel should also be present as appropriate. You will have two minutes to perform as many sit-ups as you can.

Provides guidelines for safe, regular CR exercise. Soldiers without a medical profile will be retested not-later-than three months following the initial APFT failure in accordance with ARparagraph A critique of the performance is done following the test.

Mail will not be published required.

He may not retake the event if he has exceeded 10 repetitions. Record the correct, raw score on each soldier’s scorecard, and initial the scorecard block.

On xpft command ‘go,’ the clock will start. The angle to be measured is not the one formed by the lower leg and the ground. The ergometers should measure resistance in kiloponds or newtons. An APFT with alternate test events is given to soldiers with permanent profiles and with temporary profiles greater than three months’ duration.


It should have the following: Test Administration The APFT must be administered properly and to standard in order to accurately evaluate a soldier’s physical fitness and to be fair to all soldiers. Cynthia Brasfield April 16th, on 4: Another person will hold your ankles with the hands only. Although walking is authorized, it is strongly discouraged. Selecting and training supervisors and scorers. At the start, all soldiers will line up behind the starting line.

The entire unit’s level of physical f. You will begin running at your own pace. wpft

United States Army Physical Fitness Test – Wikipedia

If a normally scheduled APFT occurs during the profile period, the soldier should be given a mandatory make-up date. Soldiers that require make-up testing or re-testing for an APFT failure are exempt from the 4-month rule. For the purposes of promotion, a soldier’s score on an alternate event equals the average of their push-up and sit-up scores.

As the soldiers near the finish, the event supervisor begins calling off the elapsed time in minutes and seconds for example, “Nineteen-eleven, nineteen-twelve, nineteen-thirteen,” and so on.

Each soldier is issued a number which the scorer records on the scorecard.

Briefing and orienting administrators and participants. The test will continue, and any incorrectly performed push-ups will not be counted.

United States Army physical fitness Fitness tests. The scorer must ensure that the holder uses only his hands to brace the exerciser’s feet. As the soldiers pedal the last two-tenths of the test distance, the event supervisor should start calling off the time in minutes and seconds for example, “Twenty-thirty-one, twenty-thirty -two, twenty-thirty-three,” and so on. At this point, the testing is ready to begin.


FM – Physical Fitness Training –

Anything that gives a soldier an unfair advantage is qpft permitted during the APFT. From time to time the f may need to make small adjustments to the resistance control to ensure that a continuous resistance of exactly 2 kiloponds 20 newtons is maintained throughout the test.

As the soldiers near the finish line, the event supervisor calls off the time in minutes and seconds for example, “Fifteen-thirty, fifteen-thirty-one, fifteen-thirty-two,” and so on. However, use of such a scale is specifically forbidden in the current Army Field Manual.

If you stop and rest in the down starting position, the event will be terminated.

The time is recorded when each soldier touches the end of the pool on the final lap or crosses a line set as the yard mark. As soldiers near the end of the 6. They must then make sure that the bicycle ergometers’ tension settings have been calibrated and are accurate and that the resistance of the ergometers has been set at two kiloponds 20 newtons.