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But he swears he isn’t the killer. This is copy 31 of signed numbered copies. I applaud Bardin for providing us an explanation of George’s amnesia that goes beyond a simple blow to the head, but Bardin uses neither the amnesia nor its cause to introduce doubt about the man’s perceptions. And this is the key to the book’s reevaluation: View all 18 comments. But on the way to the subway, he is struck from behind and passes out.

The Deadly Percheron

This is not motal that happens on a regular basis in Bardin writes a nicely psychological story that really throws modtal reader for a loop early on and guaranteed that I stuck around for the end; I loved how such a ridiculous setup was made to seem chilling and even riveting, and I actually think the way it was resolved was inventive and interesting. Her hair was long, loose, in lovely disarray. Que el psiquiatra tuviera la respuesta al enigma desde el principio y no se percatara de ello pues I really really hated this one!


Fabulous s Utterly, utterly brilliant. He might be a Leprechaun, or he might be a midget, dwarf, small person, Lilliputian, hafling. It has one of the most bizarre and intriguing plots in crime fiction, in which the hero experiences the most extreme identity crisis imaginable. Not in some netherworld of the mind.

Matthews out because Blunt isn’t sure if the little men are real or not. He worked many odd jobs—everything from bench worker at a valve foundry to bouncer at a roller rink—but perhaps benefited most from being a clerk at a bookstore, where he read and educated himself. Books by John Franklin Bardin.

The Deadly Percheron by John Franklin Bardin

But the conclusion does not fulfill the drama of the beginning. If you like mysteries—particular the ones which have the bizarre, hallucinatory qualities of a good 40’s film noiryou should give The Deadly Percheron a try. May 15, Jeffrey Keeten rated it really liked it Shelves: The money he’s paid is good, but the little men keep wanting him to do stranger and stranger things.

I have to say that I really loved the first two thirds or so. InBardin entered a moftal of intense creativity during which he wrote three crime novels that were relatively unsuccessful at first, one of them not kortal being published in America until the late s, but which have since become well-regarded cult novels.


I completely devoured this book and now I want to find more by the same author.

Matthews wakes up in a hospital to find his face disfigured and the staff calling him John Brown. Un giallo psicologico ante litteram, dove lo psichiatra diventa vittima dei suoi stessi incubi. Jun 01, M.

El percheron mortal / The Deadly Percheron : John Franklin Bardin :

I discovered that, not only is one of the characters reading ‘The Deadly Percheron’ in the film, but that the film is apparently full of references to it. Regardless, eprcheron self proclaimed Leprechaun is not his client, but Jacob Blunt is, even if he has only been one for a matter of hours.

The edition depicted here not my own moryal a Salvador Perchedon painting on the covers that is clearly intended to suggest a certain surreal quality to it all. Oct 15, Dustin Reade rated it it was amazing. Seldom will you find a mystery so intriguing and satisfying. He never became very popular until a British audience rediscovered him in the s. Trivia About The Deadly Percheron. Also involved in public relations and journalism, Mr.