Durga Mandir is a Hindu temple which is of medieval age. Durga Temple is located in Aihole, Karnataka, India. This temple is part of the. This page provides information about Durga Temple. The ancient medieval era temple Durga Temple is located in Aihole in the state of Karnataka in India. Aihole is called the cradle of temples in Karnataka and rightfully so, and the Durga Temple of Aihole is a beautiful and interesting slice of it. The ancient.

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Durga Temple Aihole

The ancient Dravidian structure can be traced back to the 7th-8th century during the rule of the Chalukyan kings in South India. There is a comparable apsidal temple at Mahakutavery close to Aihole which was also an primitive Chalukyan art center. Bagalkot railway station at a distance of nearly Following the trend of temple construction in South India, the Durga Temple of Aihole too is predominantly Dravidian even though there are touches of Nagara style as well.

Though it is called Durga Temple, it has nothing to do with goddess Durga or Durgi.

Ranked 1 among Places to Visit in Aihole. Durga Temple is located in Aihole, Karnataka, India. Iwullee [Durga Temple, Aihole. The temple is accessible by various modes of transport: Location — How to reach the temple The Durga temple in Aihole is a prominent heritage site rich with culture and visitors come from far and near to admire the magnificent architectural features of the temple.

The temple has an apsidal-ended plan, is elevated on a platform and surrounded by an open colonnade. Irrespective of the argument that who is the principal deity, the name of the temple has a very different source. Continue with Facebook Continue with Google We never post anything without your permission.

Iwullee [Durga Temple, Aihole.]

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This temple was probably a part of the fortification of the Marathas. This view shows the Durga Temple, a large and elaborate Hindu temple belonging to the late 7th century of the Chalukya period. Reviewed 21 October The large number of pillars in this temple have been utilized by the artists to carve a large number puranic stories and self-supporting sculptures.


Durga Temple at Aihole – Reviews, Photos – Durga Temple – TripAdvisor

The most important charm of this temple for which it is celebrated is the apsidal character of the posterior part of this architecture. Retrieved from ” https: What’s your side of the story? Full size printable image. If you wish to have customized spiritual tours or pilgrimages arranged in India for yourself or for durag group of people, please contact Brindavan Mystic Services at.

Derived from stylistic evidence, various dates have been assigned to this temple. The name Durga temple comes from the fact that the temple was part of an intricate fortification – most probably erected by the Maratha Empire for stronghold purposes. The walls and pillars of the porch dugga decorated with statues of the Hindu Goddesses. Around the pillared porch there are many slabs with sculptures representing divinities and amorous couples. Review of Durga Temple.

To find out more please read our privacy policy. The nearest airport to the Durga Temple of Aihole is located in Belgaum, around km from the temple.

The Duurga Temple located in Aihole in the state of Karnataka in India, is an ancient medieval era temple. As one enters Aihole from the north, this temple is found near the fort and people should have named it Durga fort temple.

Architecture of Durga Temple Following the trend of temple construction in South India, the Durga Temple of Aihole too is predominantly Dravidian even though there are touches of Nagara style as well. Most would assume that it is a shrine dedicated to Goddess Durga, but the case might not be so. An exquisite sculpture of a seven headed serpent is carved on the ceiling of the Durga temple and the walls are replete with sculptures of various Hindu deities.


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It has more uniqueness to offer in terms of its name as well – turns out that the temple is not of Devi Durga at all but has an entirely different story behind it. It does feature a Durga sculpture but is dedicated mainly to both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, equal representatives of the holy trinity of Hinduism, along with Lord Brahma.

Generally apsidal or gajapristha form is found in Buddhist monuments. Overview Aihole Tourism Places in Aihole 1. This pillar bordered corridor is meant for the holy parikrama of the deity that is a very significant ritual even today. Nevertheless, this temple being non-Buddhist and aiholr having an apsidal posterior part is an mystery, which has not been explained satisfactorily by art historians.

Durga Temple

Significance of the temple This remple temple is famous for many prominent features and forms a quadrilateral shape. Durga Mandir is a Hindu temple which is of medieval age.

Ask bsd about Durga Temple. Aracheological Survey of India.

Numerous pillar reliefs are a hallmark of the structure and it also depicts a Buddhist Chaitya which tmeple intricate carvings. Ranked 1 of 20 things to do in Bagalkot. The sculpture of Goddess Durga in the temple is a splendid piece of work and speaks volumes of the brilliant workmanship prevailing in those days. The pillars of the porch are carved with medallions, jewels and garlands and the outer columns have guardian figures and amorous couples.

Durga Temple at Aihole.