“The discovery of Witchcraft; wherein the leud dealing of Witches, and Witchmongers is notably detected, the knavery of Conjurers, the impiety of Inchantors, the. The Discoverie of Witchcraft (Classic Reprint) [Reginald Scot] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excerpt from The Discoverie of Witchcraft. Reginald Scot wrote The Discoverie of Witchcraft as a refutation of witchcraft and the inquisition. He argued that witchcraft and spirits were fictional, and caused.

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Reginald Scot’s collection of magical texts

A comparison betweene popish exorcists and other conjurors, a popish conjuration published by a great doctor of the Romish disclverie, his rules and cautions. But the Babylonians woondering at the matter, supposed that they should find therein a great quantitie of treasure, and therefore with one consent went downe into the lake, and uncovered and brake the vessell, out of the which immediatlie flew the capteine divels, and were delivered to their former and proper places.

The book is riddled with effective, magickal ritual. Certeine popish and magicall cures, for them that are bewitched in their privities.

I conjure and command thee Sibylia by all the riall words and vertues that be written in this booke, that thou shalt not go to the place from whence thou camest, but shalt remaine peaceablie invisiblie, and looke thou be readie to come unto me, when thou art called by anie conjuration of words that be written in this booke, to come I saie at my commandement, and to answer unto me truelie and duelie of all things, my will quicklie to be fulfilled.

Item, a condemned or infamous persons testimonie is good and allowable in matters of witchcraft. March 17, at 8: At the last he returned to his maisters house, and within five or sixe daies fell sicke. In which sort I woonder that the divell dealeth with none other, than witches and conjurors. But he also goes on to give opinions of medical authorities, interviews with those convicted of witchcraft, and details about the two-faced practices of those in charge of the inquisitions to show even further why the charges of witchcraft were simply not true.

He proceeded yet further against hir, affirming, that alwaies in his parish church, when he desired to read most plainelie, his voice so failed him, as he could scant be heard at all. It provides detailed conjurations to a fair few spirits, shews knowledge of planets and angels, among other things.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft

And if he be commanded, he suffereth the conjuror not to be tempted, and he hath wichcraft legions under him. Caim is a great president, taking the forme of a thrush, but when he putteth on man’s shape, he answereth in burning ashes, carrieng in his hand a most sharpe swoord, he maketh the best disputers, he giveth men the understanding of all birds, of the lowing of bullocks, and barking of dogs, and also of the sound and noise of waters, he answereth best of dicsoverie to come, he was of the order of angels, and ruleth thirtie legions of divels.

Then make a circle, and call up the spirit with great intention,and holding a ring in your hand, rehearse in your owne name, and your companions for one must alwaies be with you this praier following, and so no spirit shall annoie you, and your purpose shall take effect. Surely the first chapter of his Eighth Book is a clear announcement of atheism: How to raise and exorcize all sorts of Spirits belonging to the Airy Witchcratf.

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I DOO conjure thee N. For saith he these words of the preest, discovverie he saith, Ego te absolvoare as effectuall to drive awaie the princes of darknes, through the mightie power of that saieng, as was the voice of God to drive awaie the darknes discoveriee the world, when at the beginning he said, Fiat lux.

How beit, she said that at all times his voice was hoarse and lowe: Traditional names of the three Magi. O Lord, king of all kings, which conteinest the throne of heavens, and beholdest all deepes, weighest the hilles, and shuttest up with thy hand the earth; heare us, most meekest GOD, and grant unto us being unworthie according to thy great mercie, to have the veritie and vertue of knowledge of hidden treasures by this spirit invocated, through thy helpe O Lord Witchcarft Christ, to whome be all honour and glorie, from worlds to worlds everlastinglie, Amen.

Being appeared, saie this bond following. Lemach sabrice elchyan gezagan tomaspin hegety gemial exyophyam soratum salathahom bezapha saphatez Calmichan samolich lena zotha phete him hapnies sengengeon lethis, Amen.

If Christ had knowne them, he would not havepretermitted to invaie against their presumption, in taking upon them his office: I meane not of coosening witchcratf, but of poore melancholike women, which are themselves deceived.

It seems as ridiculous as having Ken Ham write an introduction for P. Orobas is a great prince, he commeth foorth like a horsse, but when he putteth on him a mans idol, he talketh of divine vertue, he giveth true answers of things present, discoveeie, and to come, and of the divinitie, and of the creation, he deceiveth none, nor suffereth anie to be tempted, he giveth dignities and prelacies, and the favour of freends and foes, and hath rule over twentie legions.

When he is called up by an exorcist, he appeareth rough and furious, to deceive him. The maister standing at the head of the grave, his fellow having in his discoveri the candle and the stone, must begin the conjuration as followeth, and the spirit will appeare to you in the christall stone, in a faire forme of a child of twelve yeares of age.

Phoenix is a great marquesse, appearing like the bird Phoenixhaving a childs voice: Dictionary of National Biography. And then saie three Pater nostersand three Avesin the right eare of the horsse, to the glorie of the holie trinitie. That doone, the spirits will crave licence: To know of treasure hidden in the earth. But let us see what appearance of truth or possibilitie is wrapped within these mysteries, and let us unfold the deceipt.

When if their assertions were true concerning the divels usuall taking of shapes, and walking, talking, conferring, hurting, and all maner of dealing with mortall creatures, Christs argument to Thomas had been weake and easilie answered; yea the one halfe, or all the whole world might be inhabited by divels, everie poore mans house might be hired over his head by a divell, he might take the shape and favor of an honest woman, and plaie the witch; or of an honest man, and plaie the theefe, and so bring them both, or whome he list to the gallowes: Item, to pisse through a wedding ring.

He set himself to prove that the belief in witchcraft and magic was rejected by reason and by religion and that spiritualistic manifestations were wilful impostures or illusions due to mental disturbance in the observers.


Knights from daie dawning, till sunne rising; or from evensong, till the sunne set. I desire thee O Lord God, my mercifull and most loving God, the giver of all graces, the giver of all sciences, grant that I thy welbeloved N. To all demands he answereth fullie and trulie, he maketh a man invisible, he sheweth the places where treasure lieth, and gardeth it, if it be among the legions of Amaymonhe hath under his power seventie two legions.

Howbeit, if there be any in these daies afflicted in such strange sort, as Christs cures and patients are described in the new testament to have been: In the name of the Father, and of the Sonne, and of the Holie-ghost. Notify me of new comments via email. Throwe over the top of the house, where a woman in travell lieth, a stone, or any other thing that hath killed three living creatures; namelie, a man, a wild bore, and a she beare.

Depart kf of the sight of this christall stone in peace for a time, and readie to appeare therein againe at anie time or times I shall call thee, by the vertue of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the bonds of words which are written in this booke, and to appeere visiblie, as the words be rehersed. By these thy holie names, and by all other I doo call upon thee, and beseech [] thee O Lord Jesus Christ, by thy nativitie and baptisme, by thy crosse and wigchcraft, by thine ascension, and by the comming of the Holie-ghost, by the bitternesse of thy soule when it departed from thy bodie, by thy five wounds, by the bloud and water which went out of thy bodie, by thy vertue, by the sacrament which thou gavest thy disciples the daie before thou sufferedst, by the holie trinitie, and by the inseparable unitie, by blessed Marie thy mother, by thine angels, archangels, prophets, patriarchs, and by all disfoverie saints, and by all the sacraments which are made in thine honour, I doo worship and beseech thee, I blesse and desire thee, to accept these pralers, conjurations, and words of my mouth, which I will witchcaft.

Reginald Scot’s collection of magical texts

Which certificat he published in the church, in the presence of the whole congregation: Salomons notes of conjuration.

For the proofe of the sixt excuse it is said, that though the fault be taken awaie therby; yet it followeth not that alwaies the punishment is released. In order to prove this point, however, Scot needed to show that the seemingly miraculous tricks by magicians and supposed witches could be done by very ordinary and natural means. The force of fire, aitchcraft heat destroieth, it breaks and bringeth downe: I conjure and charge, bind and constreine thee Bealpharesby discooverie the riall words aforesaid, and by their vertues, that thou be obedient unto me, and to come and appeare visiblie unto me, and that in all daies, houres, and [] minuts, whersoever I be, being called by wigchcraft vertue of our Lord Jesu Christ, the which words are written in this booke.