Do someone know where I cans find the “Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifier” by Merlin Blencowe book in USA?? Designing Power Supplies for Valve Amplifiers is a unique guide to the operation and practical design of linear power supplies, especially for valve equipment. I’ve been getting a lot of mail about my power supplies book. I’m sorry to say I permanently removed it from print.

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This is the baby-step circuit before we move on the actual circuit; nonetheless, it might prove adequate for many preamp and line-stage amplifier applications.

Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifiers

In the schematic, the LM conducts 3mA, while the zener conducts 17mA. Models for PSpice or a link to a website to the book containing this information.

We’re here to help. It makes an excellently refresher course. Blencowe’s book, on the other hand, is not a piece of fluff, as he does not insult our intelligence nor withhold the goods. Add to wants list Save ampkifiers search to a want list and we’ll notify you by e-mail as soon as we locate a match.

Beginners should read the first five chapters over and over again, as they cover essential material, such as transformer selection, rectification, and filtering; particularly, the chapter on LC smoothing filters, as most tube fans know nothing about the problem of LC resonance. Looking forward to building the Aikido, will send some comments when I’m done! I own many many books on valve amps and this one is the most thorough, the best researched and best written of the lot of them. But the capacitor also terminates into the ohm resistor, which is effectively grounded at its other end.


So far, I haven’t found a single schematic typo, which is a laudatory achievement indeed. Actually, in a voltage regulator, it is THE signal source, as a voltage regulator can be viewed as being a powerful unity-gain amplifier, with a huge fixed DC offset and whose signal source is ground. Instead, I was surprised to see him give 0. See all free Kindle reading apps. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Starting with the compulsory throat clearing, let’s look at two old designs.

Designing High-Fidelity Valve Preamps. See all 7 reviews. The LM will use all its considerable negative feedback to keep a steady 1. It is much more detailed than your average how to book, delving into the underlying theory.

Account Options Sign in. If you are new to the subject, it’s up there with the essentials. The LM is in control, measuring the output voltage and applying corrections as needed. High Voltage Adjustable Power Supplies.

Designing Power Supplies for Valve Amplifiers: : Merlin Blencowe: Books

In other words, the LM is constantly evaluating the voltage it sees at its output and adjustment pins, as it strives to maintain a fixed voltage difference between the two. Thus, his book wisely ignores switching power supplies, but generously covers tube rectification, series and shunt regulation, and heater power supplies. Find Rare Books Book Value. No one asked me this question; I was just giving myself a brain teaser.

Can a positive, high-voltage, series, voltage regulator be made out of an LM? Many pure tube-based and suupplies and hybrid solutions are illustrated; there is even a quite Janus-like shunt regulator that utilizes both feedforward and feedback to produce clean, steady DC voltage, page ; And the last chapter is a must read, as it covers the problem of too little or too much wall voltage and some possible solutions.

I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Pages with related products. Blencowe’s over reliance on a somewhat passive and circumlocutory exposition wearies.

  DIN EN 10228-1 PDF

I would use either a 10W resistor or two 5W 24k bencowe in parallel. However, he includes full references if you need more details. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Instead, Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifiers summarizes existing tube-audio power supplies, but also reveals new techniques and designs. In fact, this is the highest quality kit I’ve seen anywhere, of anything.

Vertical and horizontal grids. I wish everyone did business like you. After the first hundred pages, I felt like slapping him on the back and telling him, “Just spit it out man” and I am a rabid anglophile. To purchaseplease visit our Yahoo Store. Well, all of this is old hat.

Designing Power Supplies for Tube Amplifier

gube Okay, if this last capacitor is so important, why are you using a cheesy electrolytic capacitor and why is it blencwe large in value? Learn more about Amazon Prime. However, it is worth noting that these designs are not compulsory; there are many ways to arrange the same transformer and rectifier, depending on the output voltage we need. He knows that finding such information is difficult, as the average power-supply book is intended for a different audience.

One oddity is finding what should have been the eleventh chapter Cooling and Heatsinking nested in chapter seven, “Series Voltage Stabilizers.

Of course, this would also greatly reduce the current flow through both the zener and the LM negative voltage regulator. Find it on BookGilt BookGilt is our meroin, yet robust metasearch for antiquarian books that searches across dozens of sites worldwide.

Second, your shipping was lightning-quick.