Death Knight’s of Krynn. Death Knight’s of Krynn Dos version · Gold Box Passwords Compilation · Death Knight’s of Krynn Manual · Death Knight’s of Krynn. Death Knights of Krynn C. View Rule Book and Adventurers Journal on CD viewed in the Rule Book by selecting the VIEW option in the Main Menu. Death Knights of Krynn disks, so please make backup copies and put the originals away for question, use the Adventurer’s Journal or the Rule Book. Type the.

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Preparatory spells cast just before a battle can protect and strengthen characters. Because of their special nature, certain magical abilities are conferred on them by deities. The damage each weapon can do is summarized in the Weapon Table, refer to the tables. On other systems you cannot move while in this view. Before You Play There is no copy protection on your Death Kniqhts of Krynn disks, so please make backup copies and put the originals away for safekeeping.

A spell can exist in one of four forms: When Knights of the Sword or the Rose become sixth-level, they gain the ability to cast some clerical spells.

Frequently, the weapons and armor used by monsters are not listed because they are poor quality and not worth taking. Knights receive desth bonuses for doing knightly deeds and not for meeting prime requisites minimums. This will allow you to go back to a save ruleook that fatal battle. FIX works as follows: This Rule Book and Adventurer’s Journal may not be copied, photographed, reproduced, or trans- lated or reduced to any electrical medium or machine readable form, in whole or in part, without prior writ- ten consent from SSI.


A target can only be under the effect of lnights enlarge spell at a time. Items like scrolls or potions must be readied before they can be used. Clerics have the ability to sometimes turn away or even destroy undead creatures such as skeletons or zombies.

EXIT leaves the scene of the battle. They are especially resistant to magic and poison. Receiving fewer experience points will slow the rate at which your characters advance levels.

This is a very powerful spell and it automatically affects any creatures who do not have magical immunities.

SHARE picks up everything from the pool and distributes even shares among the party.

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This view is not available in all regions. All of a character’s attacks are taken against ceath first target. Strength also determines how much a character can carry without becoming encumbered and slowed in combat.

The enclosed software program, this Rule Book and the Adventurer’s Journal are copyrighted. If the foes do not attack immediately, the party can react by choosing from an Encounter Menu.

For example, strength is key for fighters wisdom for clerics. A spell disappears after it has been scribed or cast. Characters may only advance one level per class per training session.

The bless spell does not affect characters who are adjacent to monsters when the spell is cast. Characters at the top of the deayh tend to be at the front line m combat.

Thieves especially benefit from high dexterity. The second campaign of the Krynn series starts slightly northwest of the first setting. They are especially resistant to magic and poison and have the special ability to taunt intelligent opponents.

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Once one of these items has been readied from the Items Menu, a character will automatically gain all effects. Fighter-types may also sweep through several weak opponents in one combat round. Hoopaks are the only exception, as they may be used either as a missile weapon or a melee weapon. Should you have a defective disk, please return the disk only keep all other parts of the game to our Customer Support Department, along with a note describing the problem you have encountered.


This map is set up with an invisible square grid and you will notice that everything moves on the grid from square to square.

Death Knights of Krynn

Banks will store money and on some systems items. The following sections offer some more information and tips for combat. Magic items in the treasure will be marked with a or an This option will only appear if the adive character has a Deled Magic spell available.

SEARCH indicates the party is to move slowly and examine their surroundings, searching for secret doors, traps and so on. High strength increases a character’s combat ability with melee weapons. Each deity confers unique powers to its clerics and determines which alignments a character can be.

I do suggest you make your party as large as possible, because it does matter in the fights if you are alone or knighte have some comrades to help you fight the opponents. If the character’s HP drop to anything from -1 to -9, he will lose 1 HP per turn from bleeding until he is bandaged or dies.