dCine Technical Manual Version Version History Version Date Updated By Purpose James Gardiner Initial Creation James. With sleek, elegant looks, reference grade audio quality and outstanding features the Datasat RS20i is the leading choice for any audio enthusiast. The Datasat. This product contains software proprietary to Datasat Digital Entertainment and protected This manual explains the RS20i Audio Processor setup and operation. Parameters. AP General identifier for Datasat audio processor product.

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May 4, at 7: If the AP20 has been configured with a password for mmanual Setup menus, then use that password instead of the dash.

Datasat RS20i Processor

Datzsat a trigger messagePart of defining a trigger requires setting up how and what messages will be sent from the dCine. Be sure to turn on the 48 volt phantom power to the microphone before attempting to use the system.

Your nickname or email address: This is a list of one or more email addresses separated by a comma. When the dCine software starts, it will over-ride any modifications that have been made to the display settings and revert to the output settings described above.

It is also recommended to reduce the internal camera frame rate to fps. The unit is structured differently than any other processor I can think of but one thing to make clear right away – there is no analogue bypass on dataswt baby – everything has to pass through the DSPs.


The result — improved musical staging, clarity of dialogue and an enhanced listener experience. Download Datasat Digital Entertainment Apparently the RS20i is expected to get the advanced Dolby codecs manuall year a major disadvantage for the unit without them but Neil may have more details mxnual this?

This document covers low level configuration options that only a trained engineer should use or need to use. Serial based messaging is most commonly used to communicate with older devices such as Audio players CD-players, DAT-players.

Click on the control area GUIapp. Once the driver is installed and the device has been connected, support engineers will need to detect the device using a utility that comes with the manuap installer called InstaCal. What it does have is a VNC server built right in so that you can bring up a mirror of the front panel on your iPad etc.

An IO-Contact-Closure device is typically used to talk to traditional cinema systems such as lights, masking and doors.

Thanks x 2 List. The reason for this feature is that in a commercial theatre you manula to be able to automate curtains, lights etc and the DataSat removes the need for more boxes! This is a list of one or more email addresses separated by a comma. The type of DCI-player.

If you need to define any special buttons for the audio processor but want a button to show on the automation GUI, these must be placed in the Auditorium section. After it has finished, it will exit and be removed from memory.

Datasat AP20 Installation And Operating Manual

Other text fatasat more detail may also be shown such as cine. The manyal are as follows: May 1, at 9: The way the interface is displayed, screen, position etc, is controlled by the MediaSetting. Each step has a separate and distinct user interface. Other scripts are also run which:. In terms of remote control – you can forget IR I am afraid.


This reboot function is primarily for digital signage applications because such sites are usually left to operate with no human intervention or power cycles.

Hi Guys, Wow – I turn around for a second and then there is a new thread with some sexy shots of the RS20i!

Datasat XD20 Setup guide |

See the Events section of this manual for more information. This option is used to configure the type of system being interfaced with, and hence the darasat of the data to be retrieved. Most streamers can provide streams to more then one dCine at a time.

These are external triggers that effect the display or projector.


Otherwise unexpected results may occur. This unit is sent a message to pulse pin 3 to the On state for milliseconds 1 second. How-to Procedures For Setup Then just redo the recording.

The front panel janual display of the AP20 will appear on the laptop screen, but will not function as a touch-screen. Verify the surge protector is powered and is working. In the example above, the security settings are disabled.