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Forward bending posture touching the floor with the knees straight. Mezieres – Official Page Archives – warmfit. If the structure is unbalanced, the function will be secondarily disturbed.

I also taught Gareth the basics of good use with the Alexander technique. We all possess four muscular chains that are constantly shortening and increasing their tone.

Beauty is a prerequisite to health. This posture is used to diagnose the condition of the muscular chains.

She went back to the study of anatomy, a subject she had been teaching for ten years. But here the concavity escaped in a new place as soon as it was flattened.

The patient complained particularly about her shoulders: Vai alla barra degli strumenti Miofascialu su WordPress. Alla catena anteriore appartengono: Catene muscolari di Mezieres e catene muscolari di Souchard.

Moreover their action is predominant in all our movements; contrariwise they never get the chance to be fully lengthened in our daily activities.


Corso – Le Catene Miofasciali

Her primary discovery made her question this certainty and then reject it as a fallacy. Obviously not because the square shape does not fit the rolling action required from a wheel. These stimuli are processed in our brain and developed as signals to which will act by creating the required action. Also, her work is tiring and difficult because when only one part appears to require care it is necessary to treat the whole body. Any partial lengthening is miofasciail by a shortening of the catebe MC.

The muscles that turn the limbs inwards are stronger than the one that turn them outwards.

Mezieres – Official Page Archives – warmfitwarmfit

Bow-legs and knock-knees are two different effects of the same cause, namely, the shortening of the posterior MC. Standing and prone positions. MCs shorten and stiffen immutably during our life, shortening our stature, twisting and distorting us in a thousand ways — the cause of a multitude of pains, from frozen shoulder to sciatica.

In August 97 serious back pain, numbness and cramps were back with, in addition, a neck pain. Alla catena posteriore appartengono i seguenti muscoli: In all daily activities, we receive information to produce movement and adjust our position in space.

The Mezieres Method is a revolutionary holistic method of postural re-education named after Francoise Mezieres, physiotherapist, who created it in after careful observations on the body mechanic.

The dotted line shows some of the distortions that can be caused by tight muscular chains: Have you ever seen a square wheel?


He then tried physiotherapy with no more success.

An increased tension of the muscles can cause dysfunction and pain, leading to unbalance between the muscular chains. Muscle tone is a normal state of partial contraction of a resting muscle.

This is achieved by means of an eccentric static contraction of the MCs.

In April 96 Gareth underwent two discectomies. After four weeks of rest the pain was gone but the numbness never completely disappeared. At the beginning the work was rather difficult because Katie was trying too hard and compensations were all over the place.

catene miofasciali arti superiori | 치료 | Pinterest | Anatomy, Pilates and Chronic pain

It took her twenty years to thoroughly check the validity of her observations and to understand the bodily mechanisms brought to the fore.

If Gareth still has a lot to learn and a lot of flexibility to gain he is now a new man who walks tall and sits pretty, and who does not suffer from cramps anymore and who no longer suffers from agonising pains. The main one is the posterior muscular chain, running from head to toes.