GOTBAUM–Carol Anne Stiger, Funeral services were held Sunday for Carol Anne Stiger Gotbaum, who died tragically on September 28, beloved. results GOTBAUM–Carol. Congregation Rodeph Sholom mourns the untimely and tragic death of our member, Carol Gotbaum. We will miss her deep. Carol Gotbaum spent one night at the hospital. Betsy Gotbaum saw her in the emergency room after she awoke. “I’m ashamed of myself,” Carol.

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If that was a lb man acting that way there would be no discussion about gotbajm arrest. Nah, that would surely be absurd.

I have been in similar situations in airports. Notice the word “force” in that term. That action alone is tantamount to attempting to cripple for life if not kill the one under knee.

Carol Gotbaum Death in US Airport after not being listened to

It also more or less shoots down my initial speculation about a punctured lung. She was a good person. It’s a damned world we live in Will and, from the looks of it with folk becoming ever more confused, bewildered, and fanatical about what they believe, should believe, what’s right, wrong, up, down, left, right, etc.

She was arrested after becoming angry while attempting to board her plane to enter an alcohol treatment center in Tucson, Carrol. Have any of you thought that she may have purposely gotten into a position to kill herself? The airport police were confronted with someone who seemed to be out of there head and unstable.

This is a good case of how the word “appropriate” cafol very subjective. Having to do a school assignment on ggotbaum is really difficult, I won’t lie. Gotbuam sorry to learn of your loss, and outraged to know that the needless criminal violence he suffered deprived him of what could craol been several years of happy, rewarding life with his family.


Police don’t “protect” us, except in genuinely extraordinary circumstances. She was already upset because she had missed her flight. The only problem was that after dining on their specialty, fish, when we finally arrived in Iceland for the “pit-stop” on the way to LUX, it seemed like MOST of the folk on the plane had to quicktime it to the restroom.

I know whereof I speak. The results are in on the autopsy of Carol Anne Gotbaum, the year-old mother of three who died September 28 in police custody at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. Fuck you nazi turd.

The life and death of Carol Anne Gotbaum – NY Daily News

I am sick to death of all the whiners out there who expect the rest of the public to put up with their BS, intentional or not. Carol Gotbaum was a victim of her own weakness. She had 40 minutes to go 3 gates.

Death penalty for all loudmouth complainers, eh? She cried out for help at the airport, but her pleas appear to have been met by mistreatment. She doesn’t know how to manage her anger, alcoholism and drug dependence.

Carol Gotbaum

Bozo the Clown doesn’t hold a candle to these boobs. A lack of listening, compassion, caring and understanding. They did this because they’re permitted to, not because it was necessary.

Which “law enforcement” agency do you serve with?

Idiot police place everyone on a level that doesn’t allow them crol respect or even try to be understanding of someones reaction to their violent behavior. Authorities say neither a Taser stun gun nor pepper spray were used in gotbaun incident. Manning, who represented the U. The “official” autopsy wasn’t deferred, as the family had requesteduntil Dr. Now they say I wasn’t tased at all. I know that I can be anal at times.

Their poor travel arrangements are their fault. Had he been told to stay in the car he would have, but he was not told to. Manning, the Gotbaum family’s attorney, has put into play the idea that someone may have used the chain on Carole Anne’s handcuffs to strangle her.



I was in Seattle Tacoma Intl. And with people opening their mouths who don’t have the first clue about what happened, gorbaum absolutely knowing what they think is absolutely right, is just killing me. At the time, she was off her medication for bipolar disorder and depression, the lawyer said. We are the ones who should arbitrate what is proper conduct by the police in a free country–not you.

Ironically, just the day before yesterday I was telling some friends about how I got upset one time in the airport in Atlanta and I slammed my fist down on the computer monitor.

gotbauj The government-media complex has already shifted into high-gear smear of the Browns and additional charges are likely. But those running the Homeland Security State in which we’ve been sentenced to live insist on treating those situations identically.

Gotbaum was “screaming at the top of her lungs” while being dragged away to detention. So much for your preposterous, pie-in-the-sky theory that officers sat on or otherwise crushed her to death.

The witness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Gotbaum became so upset gorbaum she threw her phone down and broke it.

In other developments, the Gotbaum family’s attorney is gathering telephone records connected with the case and waiting for the county’s autopsy results. And the family is hiring a lawyer:. The vast majority of people still believe that the police are there to protect you. How does that make me feel?

She was running around like a nuisance and is a big threat to elderly folks.