The Candamaharosana Tantra, chapters I-VIII. A critical edition and English translation. Responsibility: [by] Christopher S. George. Uniform Title: Tantras. Chandamaharosana Tantra. Skt., candamaharosana tantra. Tib., dPal gtum po khro bo chen po’i rgyud kyi rgyal po dpa’bo gcig pa ca. Although the exact. buddha buddhism Candamaharosana goddess lifestyle dezine personal development romance sex Tantra women worship Worship Women.

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Translated by Batakrishna Gosh. Second, the greater the length of time from composition until the date of a specific MS, the longer the language of a text has been subject to possible change.

Source,” JRAS He should repeat the Triple Refuge, begging and praying. This article deals also with the Newari language — a member of the Tibeto-Chinese family.


B C F striyam. As long as I am subject to rebirth, in the world, I will be born into good circumstances, as a man. You already recently rated this item.

C F mane pucchai; B D loasesa; F loasesa. Woman, as object of the five senses, is endowed with a divine tanrra. If a man speaks or acts with evil thoughts, sorrow follows him as a consequence even as the wheel follows the foot of the drawer i.

B G J K gadhena; 0 gadhe; C omits gadham. Friend or stranger, she nourishes him with food. Why should I not bear to eat your filth, 0 Mother? Although, following this procedure, many variations occur within the text, it provides a more represen- tative picture of all our MSS.

We have seen above, from the Tibetan classification, evidence linking our text with the GS. Commissionnaires de l’Academie Imperiale des Sciences, Our mission is to help the world kick some major ass and have a damn good time along the way. A r upam tavyam.


This has been one of the most useful MSS. Clark, contains a deity by the name of Pai Pu-tung-chin kang.

The Candamaharosana Tantra, Chapters I-VIII (Book, ) []

Similarly, listen to sounds, Inhale scents, Taste delicious flavors, Feel textures. The practitioner should completely identify himself with the deity before carrying out the practices described below. And candamaharosama will throw him into the Avici Hell and threaten him with a sword and noose.

Nirvana is attained by wise men. So is the cloth mandala drawn.

Buddhist Scriptures and Important Texts

I am identical to the bodies of all women and there is no way that I can be worshipped canamaharosana by the worship of women. And, after enduring the pain of expiating that action for one hundred thousand years, if he should obtain birth as a man, then he will be split by a vajra. There is little to comment about the following selection of quotes from the text, the words clearly speak for themselves.

It is often not clear what rules were followed, but it seems that ortho- graphic rather than euphonic considerations cancamaharosana tuted a deciding factor in many cases. Abandon all conceptual thought and Unite with my reclining form; Place my feet upon your shoulders and look me up and down. All these beings, having various corporeal forms, although in fact illusory, are conquerors. Man jusrimulakalpa Arya.

Although the establishment of affinity groups among the MSS is of some interest because of its bearing upon the history of the MS tradition, its main contribution has been as a tool for the lix evalutation of individual MSS. Although this list is certainly not exhaustive, the influence of each of these factors must be considered and weighed by the editor of a given text and certainly by anyone concerned with language change covering a broad textual tradition.


In the lower left portion of Table 2, MSS first are eliminated from Secondary Affinity because they retain a reading omitted in the MS heading the affinity group.

Among works associated with the school of the GS tangra ritual manuals sadhanatexts on initiation diksaand Vyakhyatantras. One who, possessing desire, represses desire, is living a lie.

Canadmaharosana painting depicts Canda- maharosana and Vajrayogini on the first leaf of the MS. Having made love to the four goddesses, he should destroy the entire mandala. There is no worship apart from this. Kissing and embracing, he should always worship Vajrayogini.

Note that the leaf numeral is the only source of numerals for the Script Chart. Sanskrit Seminar of Taisho University. With her right leg on his shoulder and left on the base of his thigh, this position is “One Leg Up,” which is true pleasure, destructive of misery.

Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? Visva-Bharati Research Studies No. The relationship in- dicated by the satisfaction of the above condition will be called Secondary Affinity.