Billy Ashbaugh is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Billy Ashbaugh and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes . Billy Ashbaugh, although best known for his drumming with *NSYNCH, has been getting around lately with a video to his credit (see my review of Billy’s video. View Billy Ashbaugh’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Billy has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn.

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My playing does change as the tour progresses. Links Related to this Article. We’d wake up and go to our rooms and play dueling drums and stuff and that was our thing!

TigerBill’s Unique Drum Lessons. How did that routine come about? Do you have any specific drumming goals you have yet to accomplish? The hours these guys must put in to pull that off! If I had the guts to pull away, I should have let the money go and figure out another way to make money and concentrate more on making myself happy behind the instrument.

The precision required to keep choreography, light shows, and football-stadium-sized TV screens in synch is an unbelievable task. I remember sitting behind the drummer and watching his every move. I keep in shape by having a good diet and practicing as often as I can. It was a lot of luck for me. I’ve gotten offers to go out on the road but I’ve had to turn them down for now, until our daughter gets old enough to travel.

It was Justin’s idea. I couldn’t do it with out Jenie, She understands where I’m coming from with my obsession to the drums. And when Billy goes on the road, I get MY practice time. And my best advice if you get bored or frustrated and it’s no longer fun, whether you’re with a teacher or in a band, move on.


On the other hand, being away from my family and not getting to watch my daughter grow up is something that I will never get back.

Billy Ashbaugh

We gave it a break in and then put it in the show again in for the “No Strings Attached” and that’s when it got everybody’s attention and it was even ashbauhh the HBO special, which was very fortunate for me.

At that point, I was just doing it for the paycheck. How do you set up your kit? Performing every night in front of 50, to 60, people is an amazing feeling. Who were some of your biggest drumming influences?

We have a soundproof practice room now but before we had our daughter, when we were first married, we had a two bedroom apartment and each room was gutted and had a drumset in it. Click for Another Quote. Do you think you guys will be doing some double drums together in the future? I was just lucky enough to get involved.

My only drumming goal is to constantly improve and to be the best drummer I can be. Back in the early ’90s I toured with a ahsbaugh called Snap they had that rap song “I Got the Power” and my wife and I both played with him.

She can play and then speak to the girls on a level that I can’t. I would have been better off. Unfortunately, I do not play any other instruments. Xshbaugh pocket, ashbaubh player. What’s life like with two drummers in the family? Billy Ward just gave me a CD and I can’t wait to check it out.


Drummerworld: Billy Ashbaugh

Johnny had an all girl band and my wife billg the drummer but she kept taking so much about her husband that he brought us both out and we did dueling drums. When I was about fourteen, I went to a company Christmas party for my dad. Related Links on Web. I listen to a little bit of everything.

Drummerszone artists – Billy Ashbaugh

Has anyone new caught your ear as a player? We’ll wait until she gets old enough to where she can come along and handle sitting and waiting and that sort of thing. For now, Billy’s the one ahbaugh out there making a career.

But the contests are cool, I think it’s great.

Well, our neighbors don’t care for it! There’s a special connection that we have and a mutual understanding that I couldn’t have with anyone else.

Billy Ashbaugh Bio

Yeah, I went out and saw her play. When we perform live, I do get to add my own touch to the drum part to give it that live edge.

Related Links on Site. That’s my advice to the drummers starting out. But we’re always conscious of our daughter and our family and that comes first.

One that will let you get behind the drum set right away because that’s your passion for the ashbaugg. Then I’ll have two weeks off to prepare to rehearse with Pat Benatar for a three month tour with her. I was blown away.