Check out this new article White Wolf posted on Big Eyes Small Mouth 3rd Edition Character Sheet White Wolf and. personal copies of the character sheet, or brief quotes for use in reviews. . So when I knew we needed to develop BESM 3e, the question was obvious: how do . White Wolf and Arthaus post free download of BESM3 character sheet. Big Eyes Small Mouth 3rd Edition released to stores today (Wednesday.

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The world’s most gorgeous character sheet

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Centauri Knights and Uresia: Third edition core book. Here’s an interesting tidbit: BESM uses a point-based character creation system. The initial edition, designed by Mark C.

Anyhow, shheet aside, I find the “official” sheet to be quite useful in most cases, and I am glad we ended up with the beautiful artistic theme used throughout the book reaching even to the character sheet in the back. The third edition was at that time planned to come in three forms: It’s simple, clean, and presents it all in a way that can be written on and can be found in a hurry. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.

Gaming Discussion

Instead of publishing complete games as they had done previously, the licensed books were published as ” Ultimate Fan Guides “. January 26th, So, in short, bravo Posthuman Studios for making the best out of the box character sheet I’ve seen in a long long time. Not that it’ll keep me from designing my own sheet. There are a few names that stick out a lot in that circle of gamers who make their own character sheets and distribute them. Company president Mark C. I have only two complaints.

The world’s most gorgeous character sheet | Eclipse Phase

To often the sheet that comes standard either lacks things that should be there one I saw lacked a place to record exp! Thread started by Anonymous. The Slayers guides were adapted into a stand-alone d20 game under the title The Slayers d A later revised edition of this version was published inwhich, due to errors in the proofing and printing processes, did not contain the full set of revisions in its final published form.


When you say it would have been a page folio, do you mean 16 different variations on the character sheet and contents or a page character sheet template that could cover just about anything that a PC could need? A vast promotion and beta test was organized, and included a number of demo-team members from around the world.

The more confusing the rules, the more confusing the sheet. The title alludes to the common anime drawing style of characters with huge, beem eyes and comparatively small mouths.

I think that the xheet sheet in BESM 3rd is fine for anyone just getting into the game. Characters are evaluated based on three “Stats”, against which all action checks are made. These are supplemented by Attributes, which give the characters unique abilities. I read the blog and found it very reasonable, although I think in practice the judgement criteria interact unpredictably – several of the most high-ranked sheets broke their criteria, and they admit it.

I chzracter like the new character sheet But I do that because I have fun designing character sheets.

I even find that with several players creating their character for a campaign all in the same ‘game world’ will end up with wildly different needs.

Second, count your shots – four bullets for one man, that’s a waste. MacKinnonwas released by Guardians of Order in Big Eyes, Small Mouth is a tabletop role-playing game that was designed to simulate the action of anime and manga. Except it’s almost impossible to leave enough space.

This means that there has never been an official BESM writeup for Naga the Serpenta popular character who does not appear in the television series. I knew it had to be a joke. It works pretty well, except for Items and Companions, which can just as easily be put on their own sheets anyway.


White Wolf Big Eyes Small Mouth 3rd Edition Character Sheet

They seem to take the challenge of both making the sheet nice looking and having all the information present very seriously and do pretty damn good work. All of these innovations were incorporated into a second edition, which was released in to a very strong reception. I need extra room for more morphs, backup copies, forks I might have running, AIs I might have running beside my muse, and other such things.

Or something even more intriguing perhaps? I just finished a few-weeks-long project of making a fillable PDF version of the “Official” Character Sheet part masochism, part OCD-esque desire to use the “official” sheet for everything I do.

And even four blank spaces for extra Skills not in the book. This page was last edited on 6 Julyat Plus, for the TRULY lazy gamers, there’s an interactive Damage Table that runs all the calculations for damage for you, though it’s limited to one attack form at a time, so you’d want to use it only while actually on your computer.

Ah, yes, the complaints about the character sheets have started again. BTW, we were going to have a page character folio for the game that would hold all the information you could ever dream about your character Well, I really tried to use the default character sheet, but I couldn’t fit my full Slime Template into it You and Adam pretty much nailed it with the “They are all going to create their own anyway” thought.