Inspiration Behind Harper’s Character Watch today’s video to see what TV series heroine inspired Harper in Beautiful Demons: I hope you. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for the Peachville High Demons series: “You will be begging Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Beautiful Demons (The Shadow Demons Saga Book 1) by [Cannon, Sarra] . : Beautiful Demons (The Shadow Demons Saga) (Volume 1) ( ): Sarra Cannon: Books.

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Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon – FictionDB

I dipped under his arm and pushed open the barn door, grateful for the refreshing rush of cool, veautiful air. I was pulled in from the first chapter, and this kept me going until the last. Originally posted on www.

Because of his shallowness, she stops liking him.

Sarra Cannon did an amazing job bringing to life Harper Madison, a foster kid who has special abilities. Shadowford Home for Girls is her last chance, and she hopes Peachville High will be the fresh start she needs. But what if everything happens for a reason?

Beautiful Demons Box Set – Sarra Cannon

Preview — Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon. I’m giving it five stars without reservation.

The themes of the book get a little dark in this one too. Harper is a prett Wow. I’m trying really hard to write a witty review or at least one that talks about this book, but all I can think about is reading the next one! Take a chance and read it! There are a few twists in this one, not huge mind altering twists, but twists nonetheless.


Beautiful Demons

And then there are the Cheerleaders, they are everything a girl dreams to be and then some. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Overall, I give Beautiful Demons 4 creepy little demons! She faces no hardship throughout the book. She starts hanging out with the popular cheerwhore cheerleaders, develops a crush the asshole quarterback of the football team and looses every quality that I liked about her. At the opening of this book, she has no idea what has been happening in her life aside from a Beautiful Demons was a book that I stumbled across while perusing the free Kindle books on the Kindle store.

I guess in the sequel we can know more. I mean, come on, who can’t resist the lure of free books? So even though Madison doesn’t really remember him right now, I hope her memory comes back and we see more of them together. It’s a fast and very entertaining read. After being kicked out of her sixth foster home in a year, Harper gets told she’s got one more chance.

I started this book because my baby sister has been singing its praises and quite honestly, I saw that the first one was free on Sarrz and figured I had nothing to lose.

A lot of weird, funky ish. Or four something or whatever. It was a whole lot of fun and very, very addictive. Part 1 Sacrifice Me, Season Two: Yeah, no they fucking don’t. Jackson was fairly interesting, but I wanted to slap Drake, and I never fully believed him as anything but a jerk.


Only a hundred something pages. He insists she never takes that pendant off. Harper isn’t used to having friends?

Beautiful Demons Box Set

All of the characters, Harper included, act according to the goal of the plot, not their own personal motivations. There was random amnesia. A nice cliff hanger left me wanting more and anxiously awaiting the next in the series!

I’m so excited to continue Harper’s journey as she finds out the answers that even I’m dying to know. But when evidence ties her to the gruesome murder of a Demons cheerleader, Harper discovers this small town has a big secret.

In one she says Jill walked into a room randomly and found Harper with lots of different fires around her that spread and ended up killing her stepdad Heath, and then later she says it was Heath physically abusing Jill that caused Harper’s anger to flare up and in the course of all the floating objects spinning around, something flew into the fireplace and sent the whole sarr up in flames.