The famous Pythagorean Theorem was not really discovered by Greek Mathematician Pythagoras but Indian Mathematician Baudhayana, Mathematician. Indian mathematician, also a priest, believed to have flourished c. BCE. Believed to have been a skilled craftsman, thus to. The mathematics given in the Sulbasutra-s enables It is clear from the writing that Baudhayana.

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It was ancient Indians mathematicians who discovered Pythagoras theorem. Dear DMT, I dont know whether you have heard of this news or not,but under water city of dwarka has been found recently,it is atleast 10, years old, some say atleast 32, years old,though this fact is not known much in the west as they wd like to keep it a secret as it demolishes claims made by it about indias history,this knowledge compltely discredits the view you have put,also One prominent scholar, Samuel Noah Kramer, believes that the term Dilmun in Sumerian literature refers not to the Sumerian homeland but to the Indus civilization as the land of opportunity.

Notify me of new posts by email. Not much is known about Baudhayana. If restricted to right-angled isosceles triangles, however, it would constitute a less general claim, but the text seems to be quite open to unequal sides. As indians we should know that this creation is just a mirage.

Exploring Indian history takes you to many confusions and controversies. The cord which is stretched across a square produces an area double the size of the original square. Possibly Pythagoras learned baudhauana theorem in India and took the knowledge back to Greece but hid the fact that the source of the knowledge was India.


Satyavijayi is your political news website.

Baudhayana sutras

However it may be worth researching in history about the secret Mathematical? But all your encouragements will surely bring me back mathematicizn and make this blog alive. Views Read Edit View history. Innovations made in Eastern countries were not well documented and even if they were they were not very well known.

Hypocritical to act like a vicious political activist and claim privileges of an artist: In above restricted case, the error would be of the order of 0. Which can really make every Indian feel proud of their Ancestor Mathematiclan. People say we always believed in sharing the knowledge hence we never patented it!

Baudhayana Originally Discovered Pythagorean Theorem

Max Muller have been highly paid by the English to re-write these Vedas. Let me make a few references: It is even sadder that we Indians run for their culture while ignoring our own.

Like us on Facebook. So my friends i guess you now know the true intention why our ancestors wrote the vast vedas for.


Raining Blobs — Mystery or Hoax? Vedas are not the ultimate source of information.

Cryptographic applications of primitive Pythagorean triples. We provide you with the latest breaking news and views. Fortunately, there is no reference to drawn to right-angled isosceles triangle and hence, the shloka lends itself to geometrical figures with unequal sides as well.


Not even the exact date mqthematician death of this great mathematician is recorded. Dear Lokesh, The Vedas has been re-written by English for a long period. That is its diagonal approximately.

Some believe that he was not just a mathematician but in fact, he was also a priest and an architect of very high standards.

Baudhayana biography

It is high time we go deep into the matter and give credit to the real discoverers of the theorams. Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal. Book three refers to holy householders, forest hermit and penances. Get daily updates via Email Enter your email address: Later on, many historians actually tried to find a relation between Pythagoras and Pythagorean Theorem but actually failed to find any such link but they did manage to find a relation between the theorem and Euclid, who was born several hundred years after Pythagoras.

We are stupid to have put these shlokas in the pooja rooms and God knows how many are destroyed or lying in neglect somewhere. Facebook Google Twitter Email. In either case, it states that the square of bauddhayana hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the sides.