Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico. Attualità e coscienza. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Publisher, Atlantide, ISBN, , Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico: con 21 figurazioni. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Edition, 2. Publisher, Galeati, Length, 87 pages. Export Citation. Pier Luigi Ighina ( in Milan – in Imola), was an Italian researcher. His unorthodox Bibliography[edit]. Pier Luigi Ighina, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico, Imola, Galeati, (ISBN X). Giusy Zitoli, Io l’ho conosciuto.

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The signal start from the sky in a clockwise motion; remember that.

Food exposed to its action changes completely because every chemical added was dissolved by balancing it’s own Rhythm vibration by a multiwave signal comprising ayomo full octave of colors. On the morning of September 12 we raise a little ‘late.

The answer he got was that his studies were too far away from the fundamental laws of physics and therefore were considered unacceptable. Ho chiesto poi come avevano, lui e Marconi, applicato la conoscenza sul monopolo. We ighuna while giving be done in the midst of his [ stranissimi ] devices. Poi Ighina si accorge che qualcosa non va nel funzionamento del dispositivo.

As soon as the normal continuity of vibration is reinstalled, the fever stops. I was alone to watch ” magnetic stroboscope” closely, as long as its lights were not turned off and its blades ighiba completely ceased to rotate.

He answered that since he had been studying the effect of the planetary magnetic field on human vitality and in the formation of matter. Regarding the translation, I excuse myself in advance mabnetico every mistake I might have done translating his work, but I believe that the main facts are correct. In molti la speranza comincia a cedere, ma moltissimi restano fuori a scrutare il cielo. Nagnetico hypotheses that with the union of the positive and the negative magnetic atoms he could create an eternal source of energy just by utilizing the magnetic rotation of the earth.


His thinking led him to the following calculation: Ighina si perde a parlare con tutti, ma il suo lavoro sembra ormai ultimato: He realized that this was exactly what Mother Nature is doing in the changes of the vegetative substances existing on earth. Today he is convinced of being a “planned” and that his task is to bring pursuing an important mission, that of regeneration of humanity into the well.

He describes the saucer as follows: Sappiamo che fuori, per strada, gironzolano carabinieri in borghese.

With this technique he also transformed the tail of a rat into the tail of a cat. See then the results obtained in various experiences: Then the disc would be dropped. He has experimentally magnetuco that the formation of electricity in the clouds is due to the planetary magnetic field: After several rounds these emitted vibrations unite with those of the underground gases deposits.

Pier Luigi Ighina

This is the result of a laboratory experiment. One day, while analysing the radioactivity of certain substances with a Muller counter, he noticed that he had a ighnia strong magnetic radioactive reaction on motorcycles that had run on the Imola racing circuit.

Finally at around There are more advanced us? He then magnetifo researches on the germination of corn: November We visit the fantastic laboratory of Pier Luigi Ighina, 90 years, who collaborated with Guglielmo Marconi.

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They were fixed on two pins that would allow them to rotate. He called this phenomenon the reproduction of matter. The transformation needed 4 days to take place, and after that time the tail started to become a rat tail once more, but then it fell and the mouse died.

I pigiami infilati sotto il vestito proteggono per quello che possono. This oil is not flushed away like it happens with the chemical fertilizers. Inside the saucer on both sides there were iron tubes wrapped with copper wires. Mirko Kulig The Magnetic Atom. The ends of the coil are parallel and put in near two last holes on the wood ring. He tuned the apparatus into the peach tree vibration and started to raise it within a time of 8 hours to the vibration of the apple tree.


Once he made the experiment of scaring all the swallows that lived around his house, creating then an electromagnetic field around it.

He observed that different matter have different pulsations. Everything born, and growing, changes in this column of light-like particles because this energy travels side by side with the Light. He magnetoco he was the cause of that, and after having agreed not to talk to anybody about the meeting for at least 7 years, he had the possibility of entering the saucer and study its propulsion, then took two of them to his laboratory and showed them his experiment.

Pier Luigi Ighina

It can thus excite the magnetic atoms of all matter, especially those of humans because they are more sensible. But there was still a problem: Mostra poi i risultati ottenuti in varie esperienze: Through his observation he noticed that the atoms had a pulsation and, with every pulsation, a luminous circle would leave the centre of the atom and get bigger atoom away from it. The apparatus is constituted as follows: It is perhaps the essence of this principle that hides the resolution of the problem and perhaps of antigravity and antimatter.

Ighina nel con il microscopio atomico lenticolare, magnetic ripreso l’atomo magnetico, con i cinque cataletti di atomi assorbenti.