Iqbal tried to invoke in the Muslims a collective ego, beyond the ego of the self, that could enable a collection of men as large as 70 million to. Allahabad Address []. Muslim leaders at Allahabad, ` Allama Iqbal defined the Muslims of India as a nation and suggested that there could be no. Allama Iqbal Address on at Allahabad. Importance In his Presidential Address, Allama labal said: ”I would like to see the Punjab.

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Allahabad Address Posted by: On a proper solution of it alone depends your future as a distinct cultural unit in India. On the one hand, it serves as an all-important factor in maintaining the British power in India practically as it is; on the other hand, it gives [an] overwhelming majority to the Hindus in an All-India Federal Assembly.

The Muslims of the Subcontinent, 70 million at that time — a Muslim community bigger as compared with the number of Muslims living in any other Muslim state of that time — did not have a necessary idea of dividing their homeland, India, for the solution of the miseries that had surrounded them.

Allahabad Address

If, however, the Muslim demand of a territorial solution of the communal problem is ignored, then I support, as emphatically as possible, the Muslim demands repeatedly urged by the All-India Muslim League and the All-India Muslim Conference. I do not wish to mystify anybody when I say that things in India are not what they appear to be.

Not until the slender trickle of suitable Indian recruits for the officer class — and we earnestly desire an increase in their numbers — flows in much greater volume, not until sufficient Indians have attained the experience and training requisite to provide all the officers for, at any rate, some Indian regiments, not until such units have stood the only test which can possibly determine their efficiency, and not until Indian officers have qualified by a successful army career for the high command, will it be possible to develop the policy of Indianisation to a point which will bring a completely Indianised army within sight.

But the despatch of the Government of India fails to correct the injustice of the Simon Report. The despatch recognises that it may be a legitimate grievance to deprive the Muslims in the Punjab and Bengal of representation in the councils in proportion to their addtess merely because of weightage allowed to Muslim minorities elsewhere. Yet I love the communal group which is the alpama of my life and behaviour; and which has formed me what I am by giving me its religion, its literature, its thought, its culture, and thereby recreating its whole past as a living operative factor, in my present consciousness.


With the opening of his address, he made it clear upon his audience that the secular ideal of a state machine that works regardless of the addrwss of its people is not possible for Muslims, he said:. So also without the fullest cultural autonomy — and communalism in its better aspect is culture — it will be difficult to create a harmonious nation.

Islam will be perceived how Muslims will practice it and at present the practice is far from perfect. Iqbal was elected president of the Muslim League in at its session in Allahabadin the United Provinces as well as for the session in Lahore in The conclusion to which Europe is consequently driven is that religion is a private affair of the individual and has nothing to do with what is called man’s temporal life.

Allahabad Address 1930

On the one side, Hindus were creating the restrictions in the way of the Muslim and hurting the feeling of the Muslim to propose the Nehru report as the ultimate constitution for India. Use dmy dates from August Articles containing Urdu-language text.

A great aggregation of men, sane of mind and warm of heart, creates a moral consciousness which is called a nation. No doubt they are anxious to become a nation, but the process of becoming a nation is kind of travail, and in the case of Hindu India involves a complete overhauling of her social structure.

Allahabad Address – Wikipedia

We are doing today in the domain of politics what we have been doing for centuries in the domain of religion. Our leading men have done a good deal of political thinking, and their thought has certainly made us, more or less, sensitive to the forces which are now shaping the destinies of peoples in India and outside India.

It was the only way in which both the Muslims and the Hindus could prosper in accordance with their respective cultural values. His stay in England helps to crystallize his ideas.

Once Muslims learn to do that they will begin to appreciate Islam. Wikiquote has quotations related to: However, the most lucid explanation of the inner feelings of allqhabad Muslim community was given by Allama Muhammad Iqbal in his presidential address to the All-India Muslim League at Allahabad in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


As the permanent solution to the Muslim Hindus problem, Iqbal proposed that Punjab, North West Frontier province, Baluchistan, and Sindh should be converted into one alkama. The principle of European democracy cannot be applied to India without recognizing the allamaa of communal groups.

The unity of an Indian nation, therefore, must be sought not in the negation, but in the mutual harmony and cooperation, of the many. This means perpetual bondage for India, and makes it all the more necessary that allmaa Frontier Army, as suggested by the Nehru Report, be entrusted to the charge of a committee of defence, the personnel of which may be settled by mutual understanding.

Some of them are of an age which would prevent their attaining much higher rank, even if they passed the necessary examination before retirement. Would you like to see Islam as a moral and political ideal, lf the same fate in the world of Islam as Christianity has already met in Europe?

Allahabad Address (1930)

I have already indicated to you the meaning of the word religion, as applied to Islam. But the staunchest internationalist recognises that without the fullest national autonomy it is extraordinarily difficult to create the international State.

July 21, HistoryPak. This iqbaal makes it possible for individuals and groups to start independent careers without contributing to the general thought and activity of the community. Allahabad Addresshistoryhistorypakpakistan. India demands complete organization and unity of will and purpose in the Muslim community, both in your own interest as a community and in the interest of India as a whole [ It seems to me scarcely possible to state what the outcome will be for Christianity, still less what it will be for Islam.

Really impressive from your body language. In this way alone it is possible for me to illuminate, according to my light, the avenues of your political action. Under one Indian union, he feared lalama Muslims, who would suffer in many respects especially with regard to their existentially separate entity as Muslims. The life of Islam as a cultural force in the country very largely depends on its centralisation in a specified territory.