Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja atau nama pendeknya KWSP merupakan Malaysia, Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (Akta ) yang. Get this from a library! Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (Akta ) & peraturan-peraturan dan kaedah-kaedah: hingga 15hb April [Malaysia. Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (Akta ) & peraturan-peraturan dan kaedah-kaedah by, , International Law Book.

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Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja

Offences by body corporate Section 69A. Remittance of funds in connection with retirement Section 44A.

Transfer of Fund Section Payment for withdrawal Section 57A. Incorrect declaration, failure to furnish return or furnishing false documents Section 59A.

General penalty Section Withdrawal from the Fund Section 70D. Lihat Terma-Terma Penggunaan untuk butiran lanjut. Contributions and deposits not to be assigned or attached Section 51A. Transfer of member of the Fund Section By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Adding up credit into the account of a member of the Fund Section Pekeerja Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Lihat sejarah.

The EPF claims that the lowered dividend is the result of its decision to invest in low-risk fixed revenue instruments, which produce lower returns but maintains the principal value of its members’ contributions.


Appointment of Inspectors, their powers, functions and duties Section Establishment of the Disciplinary Appeal Committee Section Establishment of Employees Provident Fund Section Contributions to be paid into kmupulan Fund Section 50A. Reference to Shariah Advisory Committee Section Credit return Section 70G.

The EPF declares an annual dividend on funds on deposit which has varied over time, depending on investment results.


Powers of Minister to require other person to contribute and declare any payment or remuneration as wages Section Dicapai 14 Februari Duty of employer to register with the Board Section Investment by member of the Fund Section KWSP juga menyediakan sistem yang efisien dan mudah bagi memastikan para majikan memenuhi tanggungjawab undang-undang serta kewajipan moral mereka untuk mencarum kepada KWSP bagi pihak pekerja mereka.

Court order Section Release of kumpula contributions Section Logo of the EPF. In addition, the EPF further elaborates dividend rates and their performances are calculated and influenced based on the full distribution of net EPF revenue, depending on the return on investments that in turn is based on asset allocation.

Power of the Board to invest Section 26A. This is due to the EPF primarily aimed at providing a stable financial security of its members. Power to grant loans and make advances to its officers and servants Peierja Kadar dividen yang diisytiharkan oleh KWSP adalah tertakluk kepada pulangan pelaburan yang dibuat melalui instrumen-instrumen yang diluluskan.


Limitation for a member of the Fund to dispute the accuracy of amount withdrawn or the validity of a withdrawal made Section Imposition of surcharge Section Caruman adalah wang yang dikreditkan ke akaun individu ahli di KWSP. The EPF also attributes the declining interest market rate since to the akt market rate.

Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja – Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas

Protection of contributions in execution proceeding or sale under security Section Cessation of dividend payments kumpulxn transfer to Registrar of Unclaimed Money Section Pengeluaran Akaun I terhad kepada pengeluaran mencapai 55 tahun, kehilangan upaya, meninggalkan negara atau meninggal dunia.

Untuk memastikan bayaran dividen, KWSP melaburkan caruman melalui instrumen kewangan yang diluluskan akat mendapatkan pulangan yang optimum. Powers and duties of the Board Section Chairman and six other members to form quorum of the Board Section Continuance of officers and servants Section